Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Liver has more then 500 jobs. It makes the blood warm. We found this out when we met a lady called Tim in the Life Ed Caravan with Harold. She said "The liver breaks down food and warms up the blood.” For example if you eat an apple it goes down your esophagus to your stomach where it gets broken up. The Liver works what ever it can do then it warms up your heart.

When you eat something that is healthy the Liver works well. It is the size of a small melon and it is the biggest organ in the body.

Rugby ball

A very long time ago in the late 1800s people killed the pigs to get the bladders to make a rugby ball. If you don't know what a bladder is, it is something that holds the pigs pee.

Do you know how the people made a ball? They grabbed the bladder from the pig and they blew it up with their lips. It was smelly so they used the stem of a clay pipe as a tube to blow it so they did not blow it up with their lips.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep your Eye on the Ball

On the 1st of August at the beginning of the Term 3 the whole school went to Immersion Assembly . Every time when we have an Immersion Assembly all the teachers have to dress up into their costumes. Our topic for today is Keep your Eye on the Ball.

 When we got to assembly Mr Jacobson was shouting "Ireland” and there were vendors selling out tickets for some food,-  there were chips, drinks and sausages with hot chips.

At the beginning of Assembly Team 1 was singing an All Black song then they were throwing rugby balls out to people.

Then Mr Burt said,  "Give a round of applause for Team 2. They were all dressed up. Mrs Tuala was a Manu Samoan, Miss She was an All Black with Miss Blake and Miss Glaze as England. They were singing as well.

My favourite Team was Team 3. They were doing the Week-Bix eating challenge. The countries were Canada, France and an All Black.  Mrs Lavakula was an All Black, Mrs Walters was Canada and Miss Burne was France.. It was so funny because they had to choose people to help them because they were not allowed to use their hands. As you all know my favourite player and team is Sonny Bill William and my team is All Black.