Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting our Netbooks

When we 1st got our netbook all of us were excited.Mrs Burt told us that we had to sign a paper. We all had to write our names in it. After, when Mr Burt finished talking, we guessed to open our net book it was really cool that we open our net book.When I turned my one one it was dead than I put my hand up and miss Burt came and she said yes than I said my net book is not working.Next I went to charge it after it was charge I went back on my best and I put in my use name and password when I finished it I started to play games.It was cool cause there were tux math and tux typing.Then we went on our class blog and I took a photo of me and Chloe.

Poem to Hta Wa Ra

He came from Burma
That sounds like a cool place
At school he is a good boy
What is his favorite thing? Playing on the computer
At the end of the day he says goodbye
Around the school he doesn't not talk much
Always be amazing.

best friend poem to Chloe

C catching the ball at netball.

H having lots of friends
L likes laughing
O orange she likes it
E eating KFC Yummy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Foraging for treasure. The Inorganic Rubbish Collection.

*Early in the morning, people were foraging for treasure.

*Feeling happy people were foraging for treasure.

*After work, people were foraging for treasure.

*Forgetting about lunch people, were foraging for treasure.

*Diving into the rubbish, people were foraging for treasure.

*Traveling from street to street people, were foraging for treasure.

*Fighting over rubbish, people were foraging for treasure.

*With excitement, people were foraging for treasure.

*Like squirrels looking for nuts, people were foraging for treasure.

*Fossicking, people foraging for treasure

Saying my mihi

Ko Maugarei te maunga.

Ko Tamaki te awa.

No Samoa ahau

Ko Pt England toku kura

Kei Glen Innes toku kainga noho.

Ko Amitoanai raua Ko Mamoe oku koro

Ko Taufau raua Ko Taupo oku kuia

Ko Kolone toku matua

Ko Sia toku Whaea

E iwa oku tau

Ko Raeleen taku ingoa

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Going to Skateland. True Crew

When I put my rollerblades on I felt excited. I said to Chante ”Can you help me please?"
Before I went in the rink I was moving unsteadily. I asked Chloe "Can you help me before I crash?"

When the chicken game started I said to Ms Garden” Can I have a break because my knee hurts." As soon the limbo game started I went to play limbo it was hard. On the first 2 rounds I fell down as I went to skate around the rink.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesturday at 12.51 an earthquake struck Christchurch this is the 2ND huge earthquake then less than 6 mounts.the earthquake measured 6.3 its epicentre was at Lytteton and there little earthquake.they were heps of people got stuck in there houses some people were crying cause some of there family love ones were gone and some are still missing there were more than 300 people.I felt sad cause the earthquake came to christchurch.