Thursday, July 14, 2011


Guess what!!! Rm 14 went with Rm 13 on Wednesday to motat(Museum Of Transport and technology).

Before we went in the bus we went in the hall to talk about being with your parents I was with Jonita's Mum and Tyla, Porscha, Calvin, Paris and Jeryco. Then we went in side the bus. I was sitting with Tyla, Porscha and Chloe. When we were on the bus Mele and others were singing.

As soon as we got there we met this lady Stacy. She was telling us about inventions then we had to eat our morning tea. During morning tea Chloe and I were playing hand games.

Then we went inside the Tactile dome the first group that went inside was my group I was with Tyla,Jonita and Porscha. When we went inside it was pitch black it was so dark we could not see anything. So we were holding hands and Tyla was at the back of me, Jonita was leading the way so then we climb up the net and it was slippery because we had our socks on. Suddenly I was about to slip but I did not slip ,
My hands were slippery and lost Porscha and I was trying to find her but I did find her so then we saw a light. Then I said’’ I think we are nearly there then we went down the slide and we were out then we started talking about it then we got split up.

My group went to the Mirror maze when I went inside I was following the ground and that led you to the end.On my 2nd time I got to the end.

So then we went to play games I went on the pipe and jandal instrument I was hitting it with the jandal and it made some echo then I went to Earthquake cake I felt like there was a earthquake I was thinking that it was going to happen.Then I went to the mirror I was looking funny my legs were small, my head and my hands were long it was funny and

So then we went to the Victorian village I went inside the house and there was this lady cooking and things and the girl she was playing with her toys they were scary then we went to the prison there was this man who was scary.

Then we went back to the class we were getting ready to go on the bus.

When we were on the bus we were playing I spy I was Playing with Chloe and we did our handshake.Then we got to school then we went on our net book.