Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auzzie Rules

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks Roon 16 and Room 17 went to Ozzie rule. It is a sport that is from Australia I think, cause it sounds like it’s an Ozzie game.On our first day of Ozzie rules we saw diffrent people from last year. So the they introduced them self to us. One of them were Sam which was and Boy and Inita which was the Girl. When we started I was so excited that we are going to learn how to play Aussie rules.

On our 2nd week of Ozzie rules there was a new guy his name was Brandon he was with Inita but sam was not there. When it started we all got split up room 16n was with Anita and room 17 was with Brandon. When it was time to start we had we had get into 3 or 4 groups so I was with Ashlee, Asena and Mya our first step was a phist pump it is a way to hit the ball with your hand. The rules were keep laces away from facesel. They said you have to dance like a pirate dance you have to do a ice-cream scoop that’s how you do it.

On our 3rd week we did a kicking game for Ozzie rules I did not know what was it called but I just call it kicking game. I was not here cause I had to go for a mix netball team. But when I came back I saw them playing so then i asked Anita what was it called but I forgot what was the game called.

But after they finished we had to go back to class then Mr S start asking how was our game and then we said we came 2nd because we had to verse team 1 from our school at the end of the game I realised that they are a really hard team to verse so I had a good day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our school topic is called Art Alive and I am going to do a story about a man doing art with spray cans, newspaper and a pan. there we lots of diffrent colours that he used to do his art it was really cool. The painting in the start looked like colours all smashed together they were Red and Yellow but I didn't know what was the rest because he did it fast click this link and it will show you./, then scroll down to spray.

When i first watched it with my friend Chloe I was like this man should be famous because look at his art it was so amazing here is a photo of his finishing art.See look how amazing it is.

My other favourite artist in Samoa is Fatu feuu he dose lots of amazing pattern art disign here is my favorite one is a link you should click on it. So this is a photo of our topic that we are learinng.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Guess what we've been up to for 2 whole weeks? can you guess,click this link and it will tell you.glen-innes-pool/programmes!!!!. Now you know where we were been up to, if you still dont know room 16 went to the Glen Innes pools all the year 5&6’s went to the pools for Swimming lesson it was for our year 6 camp at the end of the year.

On the first day of Swimming I was so excited even thought I was not swimming I was’nt the only one there were lots of other kids in my class.Our teacher Mr S told us to grab a pencile and paper to write lines. We had to write (I must remember to bring my togs) 50 times. Now I was’nt happy cause I knew my hands will be sow so I tried to hold it. In Swimming lesson we divide into to 3 groups. Group 1 they need a lots of help swimming, group 2 they need a little help, but group 3 it is when they are really good swimmers so that is cool. When it was time for us to go I said” to Martha I had a really good time.