Friday, December 20, 2013

Farewell Year 8's and teachers

On Thursday it was the last day of school for 2013 and it was also the last day of our year 8’s as they head off to their colleges. I’m really gonna miss the year 8’s because of what they have put allot of effort in our school. Also leaving our school is Mrs Blake, Mrs Moala, Whaea Rawen, Mr Marks, Mr Slade and Mr Kaitley.
My Highlight for the year 8’s is challenging you guys in games and for being awesome. I am going to miss your sense of humour and your growling from the teacher. I am also going miss your craziness and you kindness to me.

My highlight for the teachers is everything helping me be better at my work, and being better at talking to other people without being shy. Thank you for everything you have done I’m really really missing you so much.

I am really going to miss everyone of you year 8’s and teachers, Thank you teachers for all the effort you have put into us and for helping us with our work and our behaviour, Thank you year 8’s for being the best and for being good classmates. I am going to miss you guys so much.

          Thanks for Everything
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Year's Reflection

This Year I’ve had some bad times earlier on the year but now I have thrown away my Bad luck out of me. I have got to say 2013 is one of the best year in school.Not only it was the best year I’ve had I also learnt new things from my teacher.

Math and writing are my FAVOURITE subjects. At the beginning of the year I concentrated on my reading first then after approving reading I decided also to be better at my Math and writing.

My Highlight this year is going to tech because we do all sorts of stuff there like cooking, graphics and Hard Material. And my favourite one is all of them because they are fun.

Next year I am going to be a year 8 and it is going to be my last year at pt England School and last year of spending time with my friends.,I have had a amazing time at Pt England School and I don’t want to leave Pt England School.

P.E.S for Life.

Friday, December 13, 2013

My 2013 Reflection

Having a netbook this year has been really helpful when it comes to my learning. After getting a netbook I have been improving lately in my work during the year. I am most proud of the work that I was struggling with before and now I know it and getting better at it..

My Highlight this year would have to be creative strand because I have been creating my own art work and own movies to share on vimeo. I really enjoyed working with my friends and it is really fun. Having our netbook is helpful to me because when I am making a movie I search up the lyrics for the song and art patterns.

When I connect to the internet my goal is to not do other stuff that I am not supposed to do. My Favourite subjects is Math and Writing, when I do my writing I use a website called Google Docs I can also create my own presentation and own form. When it is Maths time I get really excited because I really enjoy math and I use Xtramath and Math Whizz. Those two math sites had helped me since I was year 5 and I’m still loving it.

What I have learnt online is technical skills, Learning how to play Guitar and Piano of youtube. Everytime I play Guiter or piano I get this nice musical note and I have been playing Piano since I was 6. I also love listening to music while doing my work so it can keep me on track.

I have learnt this year to behave more better and quite chatting cause now I know how big you can get into trouble. I have learnt a faster way of time tables and divide a bye. I also learnt how to make movies. When it comes to free time I try to get all my work finished before I play games.

What I have learnt from my teacher is to improve in my Reading, Writing and Math. I have also learnt how to share my work to other people. I have also learnt how to use my cyber smart when I do my homework online.

I think having a Netbook is cool and fun because I can do anything online. When I go College I’ll always remember how having a netbook was truly amazing.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Backing Truffles

Today the year 7s were making a scrumptious and yummy type of sweet called truffles. I was so happy with a delicious feeling because I really really love truffles like a baby getting it’s first chocolate ever.

First we got split up into four groups so lucky I got in the cooking group. My team mates were Helen, Sapphire, Mya, Serenity and Shanika. Our first ingredients was biscuits so what we had to do first is to put the biscuits in the bag and smash it till you see the crumbs and we all had turns punching it.

Then we got given some marshmallows and chocolate chips for the sweetness, so shanika was the one to chop the chocolate in to pieces and Serenity was dicing up the marshmallows. Then Mrs king came with the cocoa powder and added 2 scoops of it in the container. Last of all we added classic condensed milk. The we mixed all of the ingredients together.

After all the tiring and hard mixing we all waited for the truffle to set. After 5 minutes later it was time to eat the truffle. After one bite I tasted a rich flavour which made me eat more. So at the end of the day I went walking around with my team sharing our wonderful and tasty snack to heaps of people.

plain round biscuits
(Roll with rolling pin)
container or bowl
10 Marshmallows
10 chocolate chip
Classic condensed milk

1) Put the Plain round biscuits in bag, roll with rolling pin or punch it till biscuits fully crushed.
2) Add the crushed biscuits into container or bowl.
3) chop up the 10 chocolate and 10 marshmallows
4) add in to bowl of container
5) add the classic condensed milk and stir in circles.