Monday, July 30, 2012

Go Akarana

Lights up Auckland Akaran Falcons- Goodbye Stingrays.

Did you know where I went on Monday night  I went to see my uncle that was playing for the Auckland Akarana falcons  team?. He also plays for  Marist Saints. He likes to bump of people and score a try.

Yesterday on Monday night at 7pm I went Mount Smart Stadium to watch the Akarana vs Stingrays. The team the I go for is Akarana because my uncle plays for that team his name is Lii it is an Samoan name. Akarana is the Auckland team and Lii is number 11 for his team.

When it started one of the prop from Stingrays  scored a try. When he scored it said to my brother Cyrus” man that prop is fast at running”. After they got the kick over the score was 6 to 0 Akarana got 0 and Stingrays got 6. After ten minutes we scored a try and got the kick over so the score was 6 all. When there was ten minutes left I heard my Uncle say “ Booo you guys stink” and I said” you guys are scared of my uncle so don’t beat it”.

When the first half finished I called out to Lii but he couldn't hear me. Luckily the music came on and I was singing with my uncle and my brother. When the music finished the

Then second half  started and I was shouting my loudest “you guys are scared of my uncle”. After I said that they scored a try and I was so happy. But when the stingrays got the ball they went to the left side were our defence were useless so then my Grandpa said” STOP KILLING YOURSELF” . Then the score was 6 , 12 to the sting rays. Then we scored another try so the score was 12 all and then we got the kick over  12 to 14 to Akarana team. Then the Stingrays

Auzzie Rules

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks Roon 16 and Room 17 went to Ozzie rule. It is a sport that is from Australia I think, cause it sounds like it’s an Ozzie game.On our first day of Ozzie rules we saw diffrent people from last year. So the they introduced them self to us. One of them were Sam which was and Boy and Inita which was the Girl. When we started I was so excited that we are going to learn how to play Aussie rules.

On our 2nd week of Ozzie rules there was a new guy his name was Brandon he was with Inita but sam was not there. When it started we all got split up room 16n was with Anita and room 17 was with Brandon. When it was time to start we had we had get into 3 or 4 groups so I was with Ashlee, Asena and Mya our first step was a phist pump it is a way to hit the ball with your hand. The rules were keep laces away from facesel. They said you have to dance like a pirate dance you have to do a ice-cream scoop that’s how you do it.

On our 3rd week we did a kicking game for Ozzie rules I did not know what was it called but I just call it kicking game. I was not here cause I had to go for a mix netball team. But when I came back I saw them playing so then i asked Anita what was it called but I forgot what was the game called.

But after they finished we had to go back to class then Mr S start asking how was our game and then we said we came 2nd because we had to verse team 1 from our school at the end of the game I realised that they are a really hard team to verse so I had a good day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Go For Gold

       GO FOR GOLD

Today was the first day of school  for term 3 2012. Our theme for this term id Go for Gold. When I first found out that our topic was Go for Gold I said to Martha" Martha are we learning about the Olympics in London. But before we watched the movie that all the teams had done for us. We sang the National Anthem.

Now it's time for team 1, team 1 did a movie about Mrs George interviewing 2 famous olympians their names were Jesse Owen and there was someone else but I don’t know his name was so she started asking questions to them I didn't know what was the question because I wasn't there so I told my friends what had happe

now it’s time for team 2 did a movie and it was all about practice, practice and practice they did a slide show. The photos that were up there Sonny Bill William and these other boxes and the training coaches they were key 1. key 2 was  someone on a bike with a Green alfut. Key 3 was  was this man who was playing Rugby and scored a TRY!!!.

Now it is time for team 3. The teachers that was performing was Mrs Tuala, Ms Walters, Mrs Burne, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Barks. Mrs Tuala was a girl that was running a marathon and she came down the stage with her Water bottle and started squirting us but luckily she didn't squirt me. After Mrs Tuala was Mrs Lavakula she was a boxer then Mrs Barks called MR BARKS WOULD BE ABLE TO HELP US. So then Mr Barks came up with his boxing clubs and started fighting mrs Lavakula but when they finished fighting Mr Barks fell off the stage and Mrs Lavakula WON!!!. Then on the screen it go lights up Mrs Lavakula and Boooooooooo Mr Barks. Then it was Mrs Walters turn she was a gymnast she was acting a girl called Nadia Comaneci she started doing Gymnastics  for the olympics when she was 14 she started practicing when she 7.

Now it's time for team 4. They made a movie and the first person who was talking was
Mr S was a spear fisher, then Mrs Garden was a girl who was learning how to swim. the Funny thing was she practice in the bath. Now it was Mrs KIng turn she didn't show herself but she used dolls. Then it Mrs ouano she was a Princess and she was the best swimmer. Then it was Mr Marks turn he had a hand that was  wooden. Then they did a dance about Synchronized Swimming.

Now it time for team 5 I am sorry that I forgot what happen but I remember how were they talking about he was Jesse Owens he was a sprinter.

Ice Age 4 Continental draft.

In the Holidays at Sunday evening I went to the movies with my Auntie Lama with her Husband Afa with two Brothers and my Uncles nieces and Nephew they were RIna & Niah. We went to the movies at Manukau we went to watch Ice age 4 continental drift. But before we went inside the movies we went to have a feed at McDonalds..

When we got inside McDonalds my Auntie Lama told us to go and play at the playground so my brothers went and I just sat down watching them. Suddenly Niah cried so then I took him outside to my auntie. After that my Aunt called us all in and she got us Chicken mac cheese and her and Afa got Big Mac. Then she gave us our cups to fill and I got a raspberry.. After we finished eating we were on our way to enter the movies.

When we got inside lama told us to go to the time out. When I went for a look i saw this game and you could win a Ipad 4. it was only $1 to play. After 2 0r 3 min we got our tickets and we went up stairs and it was packed so then we saw the poster of the amazing Spider man and we took a photo. Finally this Lady started to rip our tickets and said” you guys are late to watch the movie:” when we got inside it was full, well not quite full but we got our seat in the front.

Then they said” put on your 3d Glasses when I put it on it looked cool. Then the movie started. The movie started off when Manny the mammoth who was trying to find his daughter peaches. The reason why they name her peaches is because when Elly was pregnant she always say to many PEACHES,.
When Many was looking for peaches he saw her with her friend I forgot what was his name.

About 1 0r 3 hours later the movie was finished and we went back home. The ending was so amazing and it's when they all found a new home.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic styles

Today Room 16 and Mrs King went to the Music room because we were doing our rotation. The pose that I was doing was Archery when we got our photo taken we had to decorate it from Flicke.