Monday, June 30, 2014

De Bonos's 6 Thinking Hats

Word Web - Kind (Popplet)

This is my poppet and as you can see on your right hand side it is synonyms for KIND and on your left hand side it is the antonyms for KIND. This week our word We is Kind. Kind is a strong word. Everyone should be kind to each other because it is a way of showing respect.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Raeleen Swimming Recount

On Tuesday the 16th of June class 3 and Mrs Nua attended swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Aquatic Centre . The reason why we took part in swimming lessons was to help us survive in the water and teaching us water safety . It was a huge opportunity because the board payed for it and we were all thankful. It is crucial important to know how to swim because if you are surrounded by water you might have a better chance of survival. Consequently thats why it is really good to know heaps of different techniques for swimming.

Marching down to the Glen Innes pools with my bag assembled with my blue Nike togs and towel all ready to go. I was feeling excited because I love to swim and I would love to learn more swimming capability. As soon as we arrived our teacher gave us a set of instructions, one of them was to have rince off in the boiling hot water and it was like getting baked in the oven as well as getting ready with our togs on and wait for our swimming instructor. While we were waiting for our swimming instructor Jackie, she told us that “we are going to have a test on our swimming abilities so we can get split up into 2 groups”. Group 1 was the confident swimmers and group 2 was the not so confident swimmers. After the whole class had been tested on we got allocated into groups and I was in group 1 which is the confident swimmers

In the time we got given for swimming lessons group 1 learnt freestyle, freestyle is one of key skills you would use if you’re in the  ocean. After 5 or 10 minutes left of learning swimming we assimilated backstroke When I heard the word backstroke I was feeling anxious because I use to struggle with backstroke so I feeling pressured on. After our swimming time finished we leaped out of the pool and quickly got changed so we can make it to school before the last bell rang. As we strolled towards the exit we said” Thank you” to the swimming staff.

When we stepped into school grounds I told my teacher “how long are we doing swimming lessons” and she replied “ this whole week”. When she said this whole week I felt a little bit regretful because I was hoping we would be swimming for 2 weeks, but on the other hand I was excited because I will be a better swimmer.
Screenshot 2014-06-26 at 10.45.05 AM.png

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sound Animation

Sound is a form of energy that travels through sound waves. Echolocation. Bats, Dolphins,Whales,Porpoises, rats and other mammals use echolocation because they have weak eye sight so pretty much that means that they rely on ears. Hope you enjoy my animation and may you learn some facts about sound from just watching my amazing and creative animation. If you love my animation feel free give give me some feedback. Thanks.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Raeleen 6 Hatd Current Events

This is my 6 thinking hats activity. The article that I picked was Team New Zealand survive.

Add\Sub : Math Presentation

Prepared - Word web

This is my popplet and the word web for the week is PREPARED. As you can see on the left side is the Antonyms and on the right side you an see the synonymy.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Raeleen Breaking the sound barrier

What happens when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier?
Mar 11, 2002.
What happens when an object breaks the sound barrier must begin with the description of sound as a wave.  Anyone who has heard an echo (sound waves reflecting off a distant surface) or been far enough away from an event to see it first and then hear it, is familiar with the reasonably slow travel of sound waves. At sea level and temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, sound waves travel at 345 meters per second. As the temperature decreases, the sound speed also decreases, so for a plane flying at 35,000 feet (10688 metres) where the temperature is  around -55 degrees Celsius, the speed of sound is 295 meters per second.
When the sources of a sound is moving it can begin to catch up with the sound waves they emit. As the speed of the object increases to the speed or velocity of sound waves, these sound waves begin to pile up in front of the object. If the object has sufficient acceleration, it can burst through this barrier of sound waves and move ahead of the sound it is making. As the object outruns all the pressure and sound waves in front of it, it is heard on the ground as an explosion, or sonic boom.
At supersonic speeds (those greater than the speed of sound), there is no sound heard as an object approaches an observer because the object is traveling faster than the sound it produces. Only after the

“?:object has passed will the observer be able to hear the sound waves emitted from the object.
Aircraft wings create low-pressure regions. Under sonic flight conditions the lowered pressure condenses the water in the air, creating a vapour cloud. Just as the aircraft bursts through the sound barrier, the air is locally disturbed by the resulting shock wave and the condensation/vapour cloud disappears.
?. mrters
What is an echo?
A sound that is caused by the reflection it bounces of an object then it goes to the listener.
What happens to the sound waves, when the object making the sound is moving?
The sound waves begin to pile up in front of the object.
Why is there no sound heard as an object approaches if it is going at supersonic speed?
Because the object is travelling faster than the sound it produces.
What does supersonic mean?
Involving a speed greater that of sound
Why does a person travelling in a car with the horn sounding only hear one pitch whereas someone listening to the car drive past and hears the pitch change as they drive past?
Because the car horn only can make one noise which is a high pitch.
What does decrease mean?
Sufficient? Private Income
Emit? Gas or radiation
Velocity? A speed of something in a given direction
Condense? Something density or more concentrated
acceleration? A viachle capacity to gain speed

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raeleen Triangle addition with Decimals

 This is my Triangle Addition. It involves decimals, because we are learning about the place value of decimals. 

Raeleen Born in the year of the Rabbit by Peter Mirams

Locate a detailed map of China, locate the following cities. Shengzhou, Beijing and Shaghai.
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.26.44 AM.png Yangtsze River
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.26.01 AM.png Yellow River
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.25.34 AM.png Beijing

Locate the yellow river and draw a line on your map, that shows where the river flows.

What is the population of Zhengzhou in comparison to China’s largest city?
Zhengzhou is a medium sized city & about 8m people live near the yellow river.

What are children in China counted as when they are born?
They are counted as one year old when they are born.
What are the animals and what years do they coincide with?
Rat or Mouse - 1996
Ox - 1997
Tiger - 1998
Hare or rabbit - 1999
Dragon - 2000
Snake - 2001
Horse - 2002
Sheep - 2003
Monkey - 2004
Rooster - 2005
Dog - 2006
Pig - 2007
Rot or Mouse - 2008
Ox - 2009
What animal are you? Research and find five facts about the year you were born in and how this coincides with the Chinese calendar?
I am a Horse
1. Horses are able to drink 38 litres of water
2. The horses heart weighs 4,5 kilograms
3. Horses are really fun to side on
4. Horses are well known in TAB
5. Horses are one of the most popular animal in the world.

Why does it state “like most Chinese children, Hua Yan is an only child”?
Do some of your own research to find the answer to this question.
In China families are not allowed to have more than one child because China has a huge population, and this is one way of trying to stop it getting bigger.
Referring to the images on the pages what can we gather about where Hua Yan lives? State five facts.
1. Hua Yang is a busy child because,  he has no siblings so he slightly find it hard doing heaps of thingy himself.
2. Hua Yang hardly hangs out with his friends because he spends heaps of time doing his school & the only time he gets to hang out with his friends is on the weekends.
3. Sometimes in the weekends when he spends time with his friend Zhang Tian his parents takes them both to the yellow river for a picnic.
4. Hua Yang tries his best to do well in school so he can have a good education
5. Hua Yang goes to a primary school with children that are seven years old to twelve years old.
What does the word harvested mean? Put it into a sentence of your own.
Harvested mean picking or collecting something e.g picking out corn from your local supermarket.

Harvested is the time of the year when crops are ripe and its time to gather it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Raeleen Social Scenario

Hunting through my wardrobe looking for a suitable costume to wear, frustration appearing in my head. Realizing that I might not go to the year 7 & 8 social made me feel miserable  and a bit angry, after a while of messing up my room with clothes all over the floor I still didn’t manage to find any costume. Later that night I saw a tiger stripe hanging out, so I just remembered that I had a tiger onesie. So I placed it on myself and I decided to go a tiger. Clearly I knew I was going to the social so I turned my frown upside down. When I arrived to school I payed my entry fee at the door and rushed with enthusiasm towards the hall. While I was gazing through the huge crowd packed with year 7 & 8’s I spotted my friends Taeshell and Cheyanne, Taeshell came is a Tiger like me & Cheyanne came as Winnie the pooh. When I was looking at the decorations it was amazing with the balloons & ribbons. I was extremely excited because I had a really fun time but most of all I got to party with my friends.  

Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.44.34 AM.pngScreenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.44.05 AM.pngScreenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.43.38 AM.png

Raeleen Kiwi Kids Questions

Kiwi kids news - Week 7
1. A trust has been launched to oversea an important New Zealand anniversary in 2019. What will New Zealand be celebrating?
a. 150 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
b. 250 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
c. 350 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ

2. Who did Brazil play in their opening game of the World Cup?
• a. England
• b. Chile
• c. Croatia

3. What caused the Auckland Harbour bridge to be temporarily closed last week?
• a. high winds affecting traffic
• b. repair work
• c. road workers protesting against a wage decrease

4. At which venue is the national Fieldays agricultural show held each year?
• a. Claudelands Showgrounds
• b. Mystery Creek
• c. the Hamilton Rose Gardens
5. In which country was the main airport attacked by terrorists?
• a. India
• b. Pakistan
• c. Egypt
6. Why has Dan Carter been in the news recently?
• a. he is returning to NZ rugby
• b. he has announced he will be playing for a rugby club in Japan this season
• c. he is planning to switch the position he plays in

7. Why has the head boy at Marlborough Boys College been hailed as a hero?
•a. he dragged a women from a burning house
•b. he has donated a kidney to a fellow student
•c. he helped rescue a girl who was being swept down a swollen river

8. What is the main language spoken on the island of Santorini?
Maniot Greek
9. What is the name of New Zealand’s base in Antarctica that is getting a $3.9 million refurbishment?
• a. Hillary Base
• b. Scott Base
• c. Kiwi Base

10.True or false, after being found guilty of filing a false donations declaration John Banks has resigned as an MP? True

11.Why has Wellington’s version of the “Hollywood” sign been given a revamp?
• a. it was damaged in high winds
• b. it has been painted a different colour after motorists complained it was too distracting
• c. the W has been changed to a V to promote a new movie

12.How much money is Kim Dotcom offering as a reward for anyone who can provide information that will help his court case?
• a. $500,000 b. $5 million c. $10 million

13.True or false, Christchurch has announced it will no longer fund the Ellerslie Flower  Show? True

14.Why was the Solomon Islands in the news last week?
•a. an outbreak of diarrhoea is creating a health crisis
•b. rioting has broken out at their only prison
•c. John Key has visited and committed an extra $2 million in emergency funding

15.What type of transport is going to be removed from the Wellington streets following a decision by the city council?
• a. skateboards
• b. trolley buses
• c. mobility scooters

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raeleen Off to Gambia to meet Malong

Where is Gambia and Panjew and Brikama, find a detailed map of Africa and label Gambia and the village, Panjem and Brikama.
Screenshot 2014-06-10 at 2.34.15 PM.png

For what reason to people sponsor children?
People sponsor children because that is what they decide to do. It’s also a project that a lot of people worry about, and one of the reasons why they sponsor a child is because they could have a better education and a better life.
Sponsoring a child is thought to be compared to a project, what is a project?
Put this word into a sentence of your own.

A project is an enterprise that is planned to achieve something.
How does Tim know that many families in Africa could not afford to send their children to school?Because in South Africa, in Gambia a variety of people find it really hard to afforde money to send their children to school.

How did the author find his way to Panjem?
He was following directions and he has been looking for panjim but it was to hard for him so he went down a hidden alley in the town of Brikama and travelled through heaps of places and he managed to find pinjam.
For what reason would it have been extremely difficult to find this town?
Because it is kind of a remote place that there is not many people around and also it is hard to use a map when its an african language because there is no wifi in Africa so by reading the text it is extremely hard.
Why did Andrew find it difficult to communicate with the villagers?
Because some of the people their doesn't understand english, and the feeling he might get would be awkward.
What language do the people of Gambia speak?
English, Wolof, Seren-Sine, Sarahole, Pulaar, Maninkakan, Mandingo, English and Jola - Fonyi.
Research and find out how you say the following words and phrases.
Hello - Na nga def
How are you? - Jaam nga am
Goodbye - Ba Deenem
Yes/No - Wau
Thank you - Jai -  rruh - jef

Monday, June 9, 2014

Raeleen Maths Consolidation

Last week, Maya and Gabriela decided to see how fast they could sprint 400 meters. They asked their friend Jessica to time them with a stopwatch. After 4.72 minutes, Jessica agreed to time the runners. Maya sprinted first and ran 400 meters in 76.39 seconds. When it was Gabriela's turn, she sped off and completed the run in 72.69 seconds.How much faster was Gabriela than Maya in seconds? 0.30
76.39 - 72.69 = 04.30
9 - 9 = 0
3 - 6 = 3
6 - 2 = 4
7 - 7 = 0
0 + 4 + .3 + .0 = 04.30
5.3+4.7= 10
.3 + .7 = .10
5 + 4 = 9
9 + .10 = 10

5.31+4.77= 10.08


53.1−47.8 = 5.3

5.31−4.78 = 0.53

5.31−0.478 = 4.83200

Raeleen Maths Presentation

Raeleen Maths Presentation

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raeleen Changing Sound

Changing Sounds

Sound is a form of energy. For sound to be produced vibrations must be set up by a source.  This is done by hitting (drum), blowing (recorder), stroking (sand paper on wood) and electrical (loudspeaker).

The vibrations travel through a solid liquid or gas and reach our ears where it can be heard.  If the vibrations have a lot of energy then they are loud.  If they have little energy then the sound is quiet.  Sometimes the vibrations can be seen or felt on the skin.

In air, sound travels at 1,160 km per hour, but speeds up in water to 5, 400km per hour.  Things which travel faster than sound are called supersonic.  The Concorde can travel faster than sound.

Dolphins communicate with each other under the sea.  The sound can travel for hundreds of miles, much further than in air.  Sound travels even more quickly through a solid metal than through the air or water.  Standing near a railway line, a humming from the rails can be heard several minutes before a train itself can be heard directly.  

Sound travels through solids and liquids as well as air.  Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.  Sound travels at different speeds in different substances.  This is because different substances are made up of particles in different ways.  The sound pushes the particles and as it travels it moves from one particle to another.  In a gas the particles are far apart, so some of the sound energy is lost when trying to push one particle into another one. Therefore the speed of sound is slow so it will not travel as fast as it does in substances where the particles are closer together.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.  A high pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by long vibrations.

The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends on the length, thickness and tension of the string.  A shorter, thinner, tighter string produces a high pitch and a longer, thicker, looser string produces a low pitch. On a guitar the strings can be shortened by putting a finger on the fret board.

In a wind instrument a column of air is set vibrating and the pitch depends on the length of the column.  A long column makes a low pitch and a short column makes a high pitch.

The loudness (volume) of the sound depends on the amount of energy the vibrations contain and the rate at which this energy is transmitted.  If a string is plucked hard the vibrations will contain more energy and the sound will be louder than if it were plucked more gently.   


  1. What is sound? Sound is vibration
  2. How is sound produced? Sound is produced when a material is hit.
  3. What do sound vibrations travel through? Sound travels through air, solids and liquids.
  4. Through which substance does sound travel fastest? Air
  5. Why is this? Because when sound is travelling through air the speed is 1,160 km her hour. But when it travels through water the speed of sound is 5,400.
  6. Why do you think sound cannot travel through a vacuum? Because the diffrent substances are made up of particles in diffrent ways.
  7. What is pitch? It is the highness or lowness of sound.
  8. How would you create a high pitch on:
    1. A guitar?
    2. A recorder?
    3. A drum?
  9. What does the volume of sound depend on? it depends on the amount of energy the vibration contain and the rate at which this energy is transmitted.
  10. How would you play a drum quietly? By hitting the drum softly.
  11. How much energy do you think the vibrations would have if you did this? I think not a lot of energy because your hitting is softer, but if you hit is hard the energy will most likely be stronger.

  1. If the vibrations had lots of energy, what would the volume be like? It would be really quite because sound needs energy.

Use the words below in the reading passage.

Changing Sounds

Sound is a type of Energy.   Sound is produced by vibration.
Vibrations are made must by hitting a  drum, blowing a recorder,  plucking a string.

Sound can travel through a solid, liquid or gas and reach our ears where it can be heard.  If the vibrations have a lot of energy then they are loud.  If they have little energy then the sound is quite.

Sound travels faster in a solid than in liquid.  It travels faster in water than it does in air.
Dolphins communicate with each other under the water.  

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound.  A high pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by long vibrations.

The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends on the length, thickness and tension of the string.  A shorter, thinner, tighter string produces a high pitch and a longer, thicker, looser string produces a low pitch. On a guitar the strings can be shortened by putting a  finger on the fret board.

When you blow into a wind instrument the air vibrates.  The pitch depends on the length of the column.  A long column makes a low pitch and a low column makes a high pitch.

The loudness (volume) of the sound depends on how hard a string is plucked.  The sound will be louder the harder it is plucked.