Monday, October 31, 2011

Immersion assembly

On Tuesday the first day of school, when I went inside the hall, all the teachers were dressed up into funky costumes and alien masks. We were having our Immersion Assembly where we find out what our topic for the term is going to be. It was really weird trying to figure out what it was from all the strange costume until Mr Burt told the whole school that our topic was OUTTA THIS WORLD.All about space.

When Immersion assembly started I was so excited that I was going to see the teachers perform their items to the school . After Mr Burt finished telling us the Manaiakalani story about the hook from Heaven,he announced, “It’s time for Team 1!” in a excited voice. Team 1 made a movie about where the sun is. They were very cold so they made their own sun using team work. The teachers who helped make the sun were Mrs Wild, Miss Ouano, Mrs Lal and Miss Maude. It was kind of funny.

Mrs Barks, from Team 3, came and told us that they had movie about when you are in space. One of the thigs they showed us was how to go to the toilet in space. There was this man who was telling them the information about it. If you are hungry in space did you know that you put your food tray on your space suit with velcro. Your knife and fork sticks to the tray with magnets?

Later on Mr Burt shouted, “Give a round of applause for team 4.” We all started to clap. Mr Sommerville came up on to the stage with a Guitar and then the ballerinas came up on the stage too. They were Miss King, Mr Marks, Ms Squires and Miss Garden. When it started, the song they were dancing to was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by the Wiggles. Mr Somerville was pretending that he was playing the guitar. The ballerinas were doing graceful ballet movements with twirls, pirouettes, leaps and pivots.They holding pom poms.

“Give it up for Team 5!” Mr Burt announced. Their movie was Star Wars and the teachers who made the movie were Miss Tito, Mr Barks, Mr Harris and Mrs Lagitupu. It was really funny because Mr Harris was a Princess

It was not happy because the Immersion Assembly was over but it was fun. I like this topic because you can learn what other planets there are. My favourite Planet is Saturn.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Micheal Fishbach Saving the Humpback Whale.

On Valentines day a Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach and his family motored out over the glassy water of the Sea of Cortez in their small runabout. They were out making whale observations, unaware that soon they would help save the life of one of the world’s most magnificent creatures, a humpback whale.

On that day Michel Fishbach found a Humpback Whale on the ocean. It looked like it was close to death. Suddenly it breathed through its blow hole, sending spray flying. It was trying to breath properly.

The whale was trapped in the net. The net was called a gill net. When Michel Fishbowl swam to the whale he could do something to help the Humpback Whale be still alive.

When they were trying to help the whale they used 1 small knife to cut off the net. It was really hard and dangerous because the tail could still hit Michel.

When the whale was free the whale did something to show Michel and his team a surprising trick. I think the whale only did that to say thank you. Then he waved goodbye with its tail.