Friday, February 17, 2012

merry chrismas

My favourite holiday is coming up it is Christmas!!! Christmas is also Jesus birthday.Did you know that Jesus was born in a manger on Christmas Day?.

At Christmas their are times when you get lots of presents and on that day  my family and I have a  big feed. When my aunties and uncles come we sing silent night and then we get to open our presents.Finley we got to play with our toys.

Last Christmas I got a Pop It and a puzzle from my auntie and my outer auntie then I got a connect 4 from my uncle I had lots of toys.

My favourite Christmas present was my bike it was 12 and over the reason  why I got it because it could last.I felt happy and I in joyed it
                              MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi my name is Raeleen and I am 10 years old. My Birthday is on January the 27th. My Nationality is Samoa. My hair Colour is Dark Brown and Black, My eye colour is Dark Brown.

In my family I have 2 Brothers they are Cyrus who is 8 and Jordan who is 5 My mum and dad are Sia and Kolone. My Grand parents on my mum side is Avituanai and Taufau and my dads mum and dad  is mamoe and Taupo, and I am a year 6 student at Pt England School.

My Favourite Sport is Netball, my favourite Singer is Blake Shelton and Niki Minaj, my Favourite Animal is a Tigers, my favourite TV program is H20 just add water. My favourite movie is Montie Carlo, My yummy food is Butter chicken.

My favourite Playstation is a PS3 and my favourite computer game is Friv, and my favourite book is Harry Potter.  and finally my favourite subject is Art, Worst Subject writing.

My best friends are Dhara, Sarona, Sisilia, Chloe, Martha, Efilona, Jorja,Wakatere and Quziyah.

In the future I would like to be famous and my Hero is Kitana but  my hobbies is to hang out with my friends.

During school I like to draw on the computer and helping people with their Net book and learning lots of new staff with my new teacher Mr S.

My favourite Cousin’s are Vanila, Tamirah, Ahkee , LJ, Sulu, Katrina, Junior, Julia, Ezra,  Savana, Adesson, Rasil and Jay.