Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations 2014

This morning team 5 gathered up into the street for future aspirations. Future Aspirations is when 3 or 4 different speakers comes and preaches the word about being inspired or having an inspiration. Before we got to meet the speakers we opened it up with a prayer.

Mr Andrew Peterson was the host for the future aspirations. He firstly introduced Anthony Samuels (Levi's Dad) Mr Samuels showed team 5 some pictures of what he did as a actor on what now and a television entertainer. Mr Samuels came across a saying that he just recently learnt to miharo hoki which means you are amazing and he also taught us how to do it in sign language. He also told us some funny stories on what happened when he was a television entertainer.

Our second speaker was Paula Fakalata he is an attitude speaker, an attitude speaker is when a group of people talk to other people about better attitude and better relationships. Paula was extremely funny because he told us a story about what he did when he was attending Glen Innes Primary and a story about him almost dieing about how he tried to cheat in a swimming race.

Our last speaker for the day was Amelia Unufe, Amelia's future was having her own fashion label. Amelia showed us some pictures about what they do in fashion and what they designed. She also told us that she wanted to be like her cousin and graduate. Amelia in primary she was struggling to find the right subject that suits her so when she was year 12 she  decided to be a fashion desginer.

At the end of Future Aspirations we finished it off by saying thank you as behalf of the year 7 & 8's . Lastly we sang Mihi Mai Ra. I was so inspired because they say some inspiring things.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Raeleen Thinkboard Week 7

This is my thinkoard for week 7 term 4.

Manaiakalani Film Festial 2014

]Waking up early in the morning and hearing the birds chirping I had clicked and remembered that I was Manaiakalani film festival today. The Manaiakalani film festival is a event where all of different schools around Glen Innes and Panmure area reunite and shows other schools short films that their class plans and put together. The Manaiakalani Film Festival was at the Sylvia Park hoyts cinemas. I rapidly hopped out off my bed towards the bathroom and slipped on my school uniform. In a amount of time left before we headed off we ate a delicious breakfast.

Arriving at school and hearing the 8:30am bell ring and also seeing heaps of people patiently waited for their teacher at the door I knew that they were elevated. After hearing the news from my teacher that we will be leaving school around 11:30 I was slightly sad because I honestly thought that we will be leaving towards Sylvia Park cinemas early and hopefully stayed there throughout the whole day.

Strolling outside of class and seeing 3 unattractive old buses we rapidly rushed towards the middle bus, quickly hunting through crowds of eager students I stumbled across an available seat waiting for a one of friends to come Htawra sat next to me.

As soon as we got their basically all you can see was handful of students from others schools fill up the mall. Entering the cinema it was very packed with a variety of schools in the manaiakalani cluster. After 5 minutes of talking to my friends that were sitting with me it was time for the Manaiakalani film Festival for 2014 to begin. Seeing our class presenters Muamua and Henry I was beyond excited. Our class movie was called the kindness Boomerang is about being kind to one another like lending a helping hand even if their a person you don’t even know. After seeing all sorts of short films from other school I guess my favourite movie would have to be all of them because they were all creative and clever.

Leaving the cinemas and heading towards the unengaging buses to go back to school I was slightly sad because I wanted to watch all the film but unfortunately we couldn’t and because that was going to be my last time watching Manaiakalani Films. I had a really fun time at the cinemas because I got to see my cousins from other school present their class movie and also got to watch films with my friends and class. I had a really awesome time at Manaiakalani Film Festival.