Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raeleen It helps to have a hero #2 - Thursday

Do you think it would be difficult to become a professional rugby player, for reason would it be/would it not be?
Yes it would be really difficult to become a professional rugby player because you have to be a really good player and you have to be at training on time.
What do you think it takes to become a professional rugby player?
Speed, skills and the ability to be tough and able to get tackled.
This term we are studying the Commonwealth games, do they play rugby league at the games?
Yes they do play rugby at the games but they call it rugby seven’s.
Are any other variations of rugby played the games?
I’m not really sure.
What do you think an athlete's daily life consists of, you need to do your own research.
Athletes need as many as 70 percent calories to keep them well-built and healthy
What do you think makes an athlete?
Techniques, cleverness,speed and good at your sport.
In life when times get hard it is often easy to give up, everyone has bad days including the top athletes e.g. when they miss a try. How do you think they stay positive?
By feeling calm not angry.

Find five facts about Paul Whatuira:
* He plays for parramatta eels
* He is good role model
*Class 16 finds him as their hero
*  He is a very kind man
* He was good at school
Write a letter to an athlete of your choice just as the students of class 16 did to Paul Whatuira.
You letter needs to try persuade the selected athlete to come to Pt England School.
Dear Valerie Adams,
Hi my name is Raeleen and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. You are my hero since I was a little girl and I really look up to you. It would be a really huge honor when you come and visit Pt England School.
From Raeleen :-)

Raeleen It helps to have a hero

What was Room 16’s teacher talking about with her class? What do you think some of the ideas were that are around
She was talking about there goals and ambitions, she was also telling the class about Paul Whatuira a sports person who knows all about working hard and achieving his goals.

Why did the class decide to write to Paul Whatuira, who is he? Find evidence from the text and do some of your own research.
The kids decided to write a letter to paul because Mrs Kneepkens use to be his teacher. Paul Whatuira is a sports person who knows all about working hard to achieve his aims. Paul whatuira is now playing for the NRL team Parramatta eels.

Why do you think the students of room 16 were speechless when they saw Paul?
Because they were all shocked when they saw Paul, Aimee’s heart pounded like a drum. Liufau mouth just dropped wide open and when Paul was standing in the classroom some of the kids were so amazed that they cried.
How would you have felt if you had seen a rugby player, who had specifically come to your school to see your class?
I would be so happy to see my favourite rugby player and I might have a chance to cry tears of joy.
What are some of the items that Paul had sent class 16? Why were these items so special?
He sent the class a Warriors jersey signed by all his teammates, and he gave everyone a poster. He even autographed hats and T-shirts, and one person brought along their Warrior duvet cover to be signed.
How is Paul a hero?
He’s got the same attitude now as he had at school. He is really competitive but also very kind.

Define what a hero is to you, do you have one?
My hero is my family because they have done everything for me.
Who are some heroes today? you need to do some of your own research and justify why these selected people are heroes.
Nelson Mandela - Nelson Mandela fought hard for equality and freedom
Martin Luther King - Martin luther king’s famous speech was “ I have had a dream”.

Why is the title of the text so important?
Because without a hero no one would be happy ever again.
Do you agree with the title of the text? Why/why not?
I agree with this text because Paul is a very good hero to class 16.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thinkboard - Term 3 - Week 2

This is my Think board. Question is -13 + 27 = Answer 14

Holiday Recount

Waking up, hoping that it wasn’t raining. Opening the curtain and  saw the pouring rain as hard as it splattered on the metal roof of the house  “Oh jeez we’re never going to do anything for the holidays”. While rolling off my bed I just clicked, I just remembered that I have to study for an exam at church. I took a grip of the bible and started studying with enthusiasm. After 10 or 20 minutes I received a phone call and it was my uncle he said” Do you guys want to go to the movies on Thursday” so I screamed with euphoric and I said “ Yes please”. But I had one problem we are going to watch the movies on Thursday but it was Monday. I stole the joy that was in me and threw it away.

After 4 boring days passing by I got up real early and got changed. Knocking on the door and yelling my head off one of my brothers said” What do you want?”. I replied” Hurry up and get change we are going to the movies”. So they both got up and got change. Watching TV while waiting for my uncle to arrive, when we heard his car parking up in the drive way me and my brothers quickly said goodbye to our parents and rushed outside towards my uncle. Hopping in the passenger seat is said” What movie are we going to watch” and he said” We are watching Dawn of the planet apes.

Arriving at movies in Manukau we got our tickets and went in the cinema. I was really excited to watch Dawn of the planet apes because I’ve been dieing to watch that movie and we get to do something in the holidays. After the movie finished I was a sad because I really enjoyed the movie. Dawn of the planet apes is a really emotional movie and it is also a really cool movie.

Word Web - Active

This is my word - web for the week. The word - web for the week is ACTIVE!!. As you can see it has all the synonyms of the word ACTIVE...... :-) 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jump Shot - Thursday

What are two skills players learn at Hoop Club?
1. Exercises.
2. Ball handling skills.
What is dribbling? Why do all players need to practise it?
Moving while bouncing the ball while continuously.
Who won the first game between  the boys and the girls?
Round one:The boys won 25 - 7
Round two: The boys won 10 - 7
What was the reason that this team won?
Because the boys were kind of better than the girl.
Coach Kenny McFadden gives advice to his players; write this advice down in a list form.
Listen to your coach. Put in time dribbling, passing and learning shooting skills. Eat your Veggies.
What do you think the word ‘substitute’ means?
A player who takes over from another one in the same team during a game.
What is one girls reaction when she finds out that Apiti is playing? Why do you think she has this reaction?
The reason why she was slightly moaning because she knew that Apiti was a great player.

How would Apiti have felt when he scored his first shot?
He went up for a lay up and SCORED!!!
What sorts of things would the assistant coach have said during the break between the games?
To improve on their game and to share the ball with their teammates at all times, and to not be greedy.
Why do you think Apiti does not tell anyone about his aims?
Because Apiti does not want to make his team to know because he’ll know that he is letting them all down, and if he makes the New Zealand team under 16’s He’ll go to Australia.
“Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars “
What do you think this quote means? It means even if you miss you’ll still be a good player.

Create a basketball team of 10 players only.
Your basketball team needs to consist of 10 famous players with different strengths.
You need to justify and state why you have chosen these specific players for your team.
You need to state your teams strengths.
Lastly you need to come up with an original name for your team

Players: Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Steven Adams, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan.

Why I’ve chosen these players: I’ve chosen these players because they are one of my favorite NBA players. But my #1 player is Blake Griffin from L.A Clippers.
Team strength:
Blake Griffin is a good 3 pointer shooter and great at dunking.
Lebron James is one of the best players in Miami Heat he is also a very good shooter.
Chris Bosh is the tallest player in the Miami Heat his position is Centre and he is also a fantastic dunker.
Dwight Howard and James Harden team up to trick one of the good players on the other team. Dwight Howard is a good 3 pointer shooter but he is all right when he dunks.
Paul George is number 24 and played for Indiana Pacers, he is also a good defender.
Steven Adams is a New Zealander and he is the youngest brother of Valerie Adams. Steven Adams is a good steeler and a great blocker.
Tim Duncan is my 2nd favourite player because he has been playing Basketball for over 4 or 5 years, and he has got player of the day many times.  
Team Name:
Miami Heat, L.A Clipper, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raeleen Jump shot

Jump shot by Norman Bilbrough

Profile – The Coach – Kenny McFadden
In your own words give a one sentence answer to each of the following questions.
1. How did Kenny McFadden get into sport when he was young?
His father coached gridiron but he wanted to play any sport. So he started to play Basketball and he love playing it. So he decided to play Basketball for his sport so he could a basketball scholarship to university.
2. When did he start the Hoop Club?
The hoop club started in 1996 by Kenny McFadden. He injured his knee in 1992 and in 1996 he retired and decided to start the hoop club.
3. Is basketball a challenging sport?
Yes because it is a really fast running game and it teaches you how to use your eyes and hands together.
4. What is Kenny’s favourite food?
Ham Burgers and Weetabix for Breakfast.
5. What advice does Kenny have for kids just starting out at basketball?
Listen to your coach. Put in time dribbling, passing and learning shooting skills. Eat your Veggies.
Profile – The Player – ApitiTiHei Maihi
1. In the story, how old and how tall is ApitiTiHei?
13 year 9 Newlands College and 1.8 metres tall.
2. What is his favourite food?
Junk food but only aloud to eat take a ways once a week.
3. What does he like best at school, other than playing basketball?
Homework and cleaning his room, he likes his room tidy and at school he really likes art.

Referring to the text what are the common Basketball Injuries
1. Twisted ankles
2. FIngers can dislocate
3. Knees can swell
4. Some people wear goggles to avoid finger going in their eyes.
Present to Past Tense:  Make the following text past tense by changing the underlined words.
The first game begins with a tip-off between ApitiTiHei and Te Amo, the tallest player in the girl’s team.  The boys obtain possession and proceed the ball quickly up the court.

There are two missed shots before ApitiTiHei undertake a terrific right-handed lay-up and outcome the first goal.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Raeleen Commonwealth Maths

Commonwealth Maths
How fast is Usain Bolt?
The World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt holds the 100m World Record at 9.58 seconds.
1. Going at that speed, how long would it take him to run:
(a) 1km (1000m) - 9.58 seconds
 (b) 1 mile (1600 metres) (1.6km)- 1.62
(c) A marathon (26.2 miles)- 11.3 seconds

2.  What is his speed in
(a) Metres per second -  12.27
(b) Miles per hour - 27.44

Popplet - Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 - term 3

This term our topic is Game on!!!. As you can see in the middle it says Commonwealth Games!! and it has some of the sports that is played in the commonwealth Games. Game on is compared to the commonwealth games which is coming up on the 23 of July to the 3rd of August. The commonwealth games in held in Glasgow and Glasgow is in Scotland.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maths Consolidation - Hexagons w9

Convert Decimal to Percent
1.48 = 0.837 = 0.29 =
1.51 = 0.871 = 0.815 =

Convert Percent to Decimal
90 % = 0.09             32.8 % = 0.328            106 % =  1.06
71 % = 0.71 181 % = 1.81    43 % = 0.43

Convert Decimal to Fraction
0.73 = 73\100 1.23 = 123\100               0.88 = 88\100
0.59 = 59\100   0.06 = 6\100 1.11 = 110\100

Convert Fraction to Decimal
20 = 0.45

4 = 0.75

25 = 0.92

40 =

16 = 0.32

25 = 0.25

Convert Fraction to Percent
40 = 22.5%

50 = 146%

10 = 190%

16 = 54\96

25 = 24%

25 = 21.5%

Convert Percent to Fraction
21.2 % = 21\10 82 % = 82\10 157 % = 157\10
42.6 % = 43\10 41 % = 41\10 20 % = 2\10