Monday, December 12, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I like about my netbook


At the beginning of 2011 all of the Seniors had their net books. When I first got my net book I turned on my net book and when I looked at it I saw a web cam and a Internet  and game. When I signed in I was so happy.
What I like about using netbooks is that I get to play my games. My games are cool. I can do lots of things on it like take pictures with my friends. This year it was so cool with my net book. I like it much better that instead of writing it with your hands you can type.

The problems on my net book are when my Internet is not working and when it takes long to load so then I had to restart it then it works again and when it gets re image. The thing  don’t like is when your little brother or sister comes's along to breaks it so that is, why you put it some where safe.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Tree Hill

Have you ever been to a mountain that has Kupe on it? Well Room 14 went to One Tree Hill and we went to Stardome we had walked up the mountain because we had lots of time to get inside Stardome, it has relate to our topic Outta this World.

Yesterday on Thursday on our way to go to One Tree Hill , Room 14 went on our Field trip to One Tree Hill. I was Excited that we were going to stardome but before went inside we had our morning tea.

After that we walked up the mountain to see the statue of kupe, when we got started to walk I was not ready to walk up the mountain. When we were nearly their my legs got sour so then I just kept on Walking and when we were nearly there the wind came and it started to be cold and it nearly pushed me away but I held on to the fence and walk up.

When we got to the top I was huffing and puffing then I look over the Rock’s and I saw the Sky tower and lots of staff in Auckland. When I looked down to the Crater I felt like I was going to fall down it was so freaky.

When we finished looking around Auckland we went to go down the crater I was scared because last year with Mrs McKinley we went down the scary way but when we went down we did a easy way. So I was not scared at all then we all wanted to roll down the hill.
Now we had our lunch after we had our lunch we had to play for 5 min before we go inside Sardome. When we went on the octopus arm but later on we only had 2 min because the other school was taking for long so then they gave us a short turn. Later on we had to go inside Stardom I was
so Excited.

When we arrived it was so awsome!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet Ice- Cream

Have you made a Comet with Ice-cream? well Rm 14 made a Comet for our topic Outta This World and we were all Excited when we were making a Comet with Ice-cream!!!!!!!.

Eagerly waiting for Miss Squires to get our Ice-cream Mr Burt came in and told us about Neil Armstrong and Buzz up on the moon they were the first on the moon. Finally Miss Squires arrived with our Ice-cream she said" I hope there is enough ". Next min we all had to go in a circle and waited for our terns.

When Miss Squires put the biscuit's in the middle we used the hundred;s block's to smash it a hand full and sprinkle it onto our ice-cream then into crumbs.The biscuit's were the Rock's and dust the ice-Cream was for the ice and the cone was for the tail. Later on when we finished smashing it we got straights on with the ice-cream then she put the sprinkles on and chocolate.

We did it like this our teacher who put it on our hand and the we go to the biscuit's the we grab and put it on top of the ice-cream it was chocolate ice-cream my favourite then we put it on the cone. I thought that she putt's it on the cone the we turn it upside down and put the biscuits on. After Sisilia's turn it was my turn and it was very cold the Ice-cream was melting on my fingers and then it put lots of biscuits on it was really slimy and Ice-cream was on my fingers with the biscuit's so I had to lick it that was so yum.

So when I went outside into the deck it was Delicious so when I was finished eating my ice-cream Miss Squires said" you can have seconds" to every one. Then all of us were Scavenging for more it was funny.When we came inside we saw lots of crumbs and it was mes so we had to clean it up the Comet was yummy.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Immersion assembly

On Tuesday the first day of school, when I went inside the hall, all the teachers were dressed up into funky costumes and alien masks. We were having our Immersion Assembly where we find out what our topic for the term is going to be. It was really weird trying to figure out what it was from all the strange costume until Mr Burt told the whole school that our topic was OUTTA THIS WORLD.All about space.

When Immersion assembly started I was so excited that I was going to see the teachers perform their items to the school . After Mr Burt finished telling us the Manaiakalani story about the hook from Heaven,he announced, “It’s time for Team 1!” in a excited voice. Team 1 made a movie about where the sun is. They were very cold so they made their own sun using team work. The teachers who helped make the sun were Mrs Wild, Miss Ouano, Mrs Lal and Miss Maude. It was kind of funny.

Mrs Barks, from Team 3, came and told us that they had movie about when you are in space. One of the thigs they showed us was how to go to the toilet in space. There was this man who was telling them the information about it. If you are hungry in space did you know that you put your food tray on your space suit with velcro. Your knife and fork sticks to the tray with magnets?

Later on Mr Burt shouted, “Give a round of applause for team 4.” We all started to clap. Mr Sommerville came up on to the stage with a Guitar and then the ballerinas came up on the stage too. They were Miss King, Mr Marks, Ms Squires and Miss Garden. When it started, the song they were dancing to was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by the Wiggles. Mr Somerville was pretending that he was playing the guitar. The ballerinas were doing graceful ballet movements with twirls, pirouettes, leaps and pivots.They holding pom poms.

“Give it up for Team 5!” Mr Burt announced. Their movie was Star Wars and the teachers who made the movie were Miss Tito, Mr Barks, Mr Harris and Mrs Lagitupu. It was really funny because Mr Harris was a Princess

It was not happy because the Immersion Assembly was over but it was fun. I like this topic because you can learn what other planets there are. My favourite Planet is Saturn.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Micheal Fishbach Saving the Humpback Whale.

On Valentines day a Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach and his family motored out over the glassy water of the Sea of Cortez in their small runabout. They were out making whale observations, unaware that soon they would help save the life of one of the world’s most magnificent creatures, a humpback whale.

On that day Michel Fishbach found a Humpback Whale on the ocean. It looked like it was close to death. Suddenly it breathed through its blow hole, sending spray flying. It was trying to breath properly.

The whale was trapped in the net. The net was called a gill net. When Michel Fishbowl swam to the whale he could do something to help the Humpback Whale be still alive.

When they were trying to help the whale they used 1 small knife to cut off the net. It was really hard and dangerous because the tail could still hit Michel.

When the whale was free the whale did something to show Michel and his team a surprising trick. I think the whale only did that to say thank you. Then he waved goodbye with its tail.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving the Whale

I was struggling when I got tangled in the gill net. My pectoral fins were pinned to my sides. "Ooh no I can't breath properly." Trying to gasp for breath I thought "what can I do".

“What is that droning noise coming closer?” I thought. It sounds like a song but no, a song does not sound like that.” I feel fear.

When that droning noise stopped I lifted my head up and it was a boat. Who is that man diving in is that a man

“Yay I'm free !” I thought. “What should I do to say thank you to the people who saved me. I know what I could do. I could breach that is what most Humpback Whale do.” I swam and jumped out of the water and made a big splash. I wanted to go near them to show them how happy I was now that I was free. To say goodbye I splashed my tail up and down.

Friday, September 2, 2011


On Thursday after morning tea, Rm 14 we went to Badminton we did it inside the hall. When we got there we meet a lady called Lorene she taught us to serve with shuttles. The first step was put your thumb down and put the racket upside down. We had to keep the shuttle air born when you hit it.

Then she told us to choose a partner and I was with Htawara. We were learning new skills. I said to Hta wara, "Keep on hitting the ball".

Our first practice was serving. I was so excited. When we had to serve to the other player they had to hit it back. We counted how many times we hit it. If you dropped it you would have to start all over again. After a moment she shouted,  "Shuttles" that means you have to put your rackets and shuttles down, and sit down.
Then we try to hit the shuttles for 3 times and hit it under your leg. It looked easy but it was not.
After we finished that game we keep on rotating games they were all fun and interesting. My favourite game was when we had to go behind the red line and Lorene  hit the shuttles to the person who was first in line. We had to hit it back to her. If we dropped it we had to put our racket down and we couldn't use it again. It was tricky to aim because we had to hit it behind the red line. That one was my favourite but it was a competition .When we had only one more racket we had to pass it fast before Lorene hits it to us. But we were too late to hit it. Another skill was  you had to carefully aim so you didn't drop it and you had to work as a team.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Liver has more then 500 jobs. It makes the blood warm. We found this out when we met a lady called Tim in the Life Ed Caravan with Harold. She said "The liver breaks down food and warms up the blood.” For example if you eat an apple it goes down your esophagus to your stomach where it gets broken up. The Liver works what ever it can do then it warms up your heart.

When you eat something that is healthy the Liver works well. It is the size of a small melon and it is the biggest organ in the body.

Rugby ball

A very long time ago in the late 1800s people killed the pigs to get the bladders to make a rugby ball. If you don't know what a bladder is, it is something that holds the pigs pee.

Do you know how the people made a ball? They grabbed the bladder from the pig and they blew it up with their lips. It was smelly so they used the stem of a clay pipe as a tube to blow it so they did not blow it up with their lips.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep your Eye on the Ball

On the 1st of August at the beginning of the Term 3 the whole school went to Immersion Assembly . Every time when we have an Immersion Assembly all the teachers have to dress up into their costumes. Our topic for today is Keep your Eye on the Ball.

 When we got to assembly Mr Jacobson was shouting "Ireland” and there were vendors selling out tickets for some food,-  there were chips, drinks and sausages with hot chips.

At the beginning of Assembly Team 1 was singing an All Black song then they were throwing rugby balls out to people.

Then Mr Burt said,  "Give a round of applause for Team 2. They were all dressed up. Mrs Tuala was a Manu Samoan, Miss She was an All Black with Miss Blake and Miss Glaze as England. They were singing as well.

My favourite Team was Team 3. They were doing the Week-Bix eating challenge. The countries were Canada, France and an All Black.  Mrs Lavakula was an All Black, Mrs Walters was Canada and Miss Burne was France.. It was so funny because they had to choose people to help them because they were not allowed to use their hands. As you all know my favourite player and team is Sonny Bill William and my team is All Black.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Guess what!!! Rm 14 went with Rm 13 on Wednesday to motat(Museum Of Transport and technology).

Before we went in the bus we went in the hall to talk about being with your parents I was with Jonita's Mum and Tyla, Porscha, Calvin, Paris and Jeryco. Then we went in side the bus. I was sitting with Tyla, Porscha and Chloe. When we were on the bus Mele and others were singing.

As soon as we got there we met this lady Stacy. She was telling us about inventions then we had to eat our morning tea. During morning tea Chloe and I were playing hand games.

Then we went inside the Tactile dome the first group that went inside was my group I was with Tyla,Jonita and Porscha. When we went inside it was pitch black it was so dark we could not see anything. So we were holding hands and Tyla was at the back of me, Jonita was leading the way so then we climb up the net and it was slippery because we had our socks on. Suddenly I was about to slip but I did not slip ,
My hands were slippery and lost Porscha and I was trying to find her but I did find her so then we saw a light. Then I said’’ I think we are nearly there then we went down the slide and we were out then we started talking about it then we got split up.

My group went to the Mirror maze when I went inside I was following the ground and that led you to the end.On my 2nd time I got to the end.

So then we went to play games I went on the pipe and jandal instrument I was hitting it with the jandal and it made some echo then I went to Earthquake cake I felt like there was a earthquake I was thinking that it was going to happen.Then I went to the mirror I was looking funny my legs were small, my head and my hands were long it was funny and

So then we went to the Victorian village I went inside the house and there was this lady cooking and things and the girl she was playing with her toys they were scary then we went to the prison there was this man who was scary.

Then we went back to the class we were getting ready to go on the bus.

When we were on the bus we were playing I spy I was Playing with Chloe and we did our handshake.Then we got to school then we went on our net book.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is me going to the pools with my class and Room 16.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scary story

When I was in the forest I was alone no one else was there.
I was shivering and shaking, I was like a statue, I saw some thing go past. Suddenly I ran back to the house as fast as I could then I gasped for breath so hard.
As soon as I got to the house I felt worried and petrified because I was thinking that my Mum and Dad were the ones who scared me. When I went into their room they were asleep.
So then I went to see my brother to see if he was a asleep. I went outside to see if it noise was still there.
I wonder if it is a trick or a ghost.
By the time I heard the scary voice I was so scared, really scared.
My hands were sweaty and then my Mum came outside and I said “Mum have you seen something scary?”
I was screaming hard out then I said to my Mum “go to sleep” so she went to sleep.
When I went to sleep I had a nightmare, a bad nightmare.
So then I went out of my room again because I heard the same scary voice

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For our warm up on Thursday both of the year 5 teams had their Netball game, but first we got changed into our netball uniform. When we finished we played master and I was playing with Tyla, Chloe and Ashlee then we went to the netball court.
I went with Anamei and Tammai, we went with Mrs King and her daughter. As soon as we got to the netball courts we did some stretches. The Junior ferns were the team that we were going to vs then the ref flicked the coin and we were heads and they were tales. First we went into our positions, I was GD and the person that I was defending was a good shooter. She got the first goal out of her team.
In our second game I was WD and I was defending the girl that used to be center, she was good. Tammai got a goal then the game was finished. We went up to their team and shook their hands.The coach said to me ‘’ good defence” then I went to the girls toilet and got changed. I went back to April and Quziyahs Nana who gave me a lolly then I said “thank you” and I went back home.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Guess were room 14 and room 16 went? We went to the GI pools by walking down Elstree Ave. When it was time to get changed into our togs the class felt excited. But I didn't have togs and Jonita didn't have togs either. So Ms Squires told us to hold some of the flatter boards.When we were walking some of the girls were singing.By the time I got there I felt warm and I had to sit down.
When group one started Dante kicked off the wall with a powerful kick and when she was in the middle she was gasping for breath and her face was going up and down. Then I turned around to group 2. Mrs Squires group were using the flatter boards.
After that Mrs Squires told me to get the flatter boards.When I gave it to my friends we were doing our hand shake then I went back to sit down . Then Mr S said’’can you please sit here and stay here. I still stayed seated. After a while I was hot so I asked Mrs squires if Haley and I xould go outside. When we went outside we were singing Price tag and just like a tattoo. When we did our hand shake we were laughing.After that we sang baby and Haley and I did the rap together.
We felt cold so we came back inside. Rm 15 just came so then we went back to class.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One the first day of camp year 5 and 6 went to sumarama with the year 7 and 8

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is chewing gum?

In America a man named Adam smith made things out rubber.In his factory.One day he found chicle on a rubbery gum tree.He popped it into his mouth and chewed it but it stayed whole.

Suddenly he had a bright idea to heat the chicle up and add a mint flavour.Then he sold it and called it chewing gum.

In 1872 he open up a small factory and tryed to sell it to a company but they didn’t except it so they sell ed it slot machines.Then you could get it from the railway.

Monday, May 9, 2011


In the Holiday I went to fono Samoa on Thursday at the PIC in Otara. When I got there all the Primary school kids were getting ready to go to the marae in Otara. Before we got there we went to the shops to by some drinks and I got a Picnic Bar I went with my auntie Tini and Leni they brought a V drink. By the time I got to the marae we had to wait outside for 15 min before we went inside the whare nui for a powhiri or welcome. First we had to take off our shoes .

When we went inside I got hot straight away and I was thirsty.The 1st song they sang was a Maori song I did not understand what were they saying and singing. We had to stand up when they were singing.After they finished singing we started to go in our groups. I was in the primary and intermediate group. Our captains were Mark, Eric, Esther and Chris.
Later on I saw cops in our room they were telling us a story about a gangster. The 1st man to tell us a story was Ray. He said “When I was little my uncle was a leader of a gang. I wanted to be a gangster too and I hated the cops. But when I grew up I wanted to be a cop” He works at the police station in Otara.

Later on we watched a clip. It was of when Ray was on 60 Minutes. When it started it was loud and this little baby boy was crying.When they were talking about him they said that Ray and his brother loved playing sports until their uncle said to them, ’Guys do you want to be a gangster?” Then Ray said yes. Do I have to tell mum and dad. His uncle said said ’ “No keep it a secret.”

When it was finished we played some games. One game was heads and tale. When the person with the coin guessed what the flick of the coin 1st we had to put our hands on our back and back means the tale.When Mark flicked the coin it was heads and I did tales I was out.

We had lots of yummy food. For lunch and morning tea we had fruit and rolls. I had a apple and a chicken roll and for lunch I had a chicken soup and a sandwich it was yummy.
At the end of the day I went outside and the collage people had a dance. Their song was Price Tag. At the end of their dance they were going hard out. I had a great a great day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting our Netbooks

When we 1st got our netbook all of us were excited.Mrs Burt told us that we had to sign a paper. We all had to write our names in it. After, when Mr Burt finished talking, we guessed to open our net book it was really cool that we open our net book.When I turned my one one it was dead than I put my hand up and miss Burt came and she said yes than I said my net book is not working.Next I went to charge it after it was charge I went back on my best and I put in my use name and password when I finished it I started to play games.It was cool cause there were tux math and tux typing.Then we went on our class blog and I took a photo of me and Chloe.

Poem to Hta Wa Ra

He came from Burma
That sounds like a cool place
At school he is a good boy
What is his favorite thing? Playing on the computer
At the end of the day he says goodbye
Around the school he doesn't not talk much
Always be amazing.

best friend poem to Chloe

C catching the ball at netball.

H having lots of friends
L likes laughing
O orange she likes it
E eating KFC Yummy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Foraging for treasure. The Inorganic Rubbish Collection.

*Early in the morning, people were foraging for treasure.

*Feeling happy people were foraging for treasure.

*After work, people were foraging for treasure.

*Forgetting about lunch people, were foraging for treasure.

*Diving into the rubbish, people were foraging for treasure.

*Traveling from street to street people, were foraging for treasure.

*Fighting over rubbish, people were foraging for treasure.

*With excitement, people were foraging for treasure.

*Like squirrels looking for nuts, people were foraging for treasure.

*Fossicking, people foraging for treasure

Saying my mihi

Ko Maugarei te maunga.

Ko Tamaki te awa.

No Samoa ahau

Ko Pt England toku kura

Kei Glen Innes toku kainga noho.

Ko Amitoanai raua Ko Mamoe oku koro

Ko Taufau raua Ko Taupo oku kuia

Ko Kolone toku matua

Ko Sia toku Whaea

E iwa oku tau

Ko Raeleen taku ingoa

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Going to Skateland. True Crew

When I put my rollerblades on I felt excited. I said to Chante ”Can you help me please?"
Before I went in the rink I was moving unsteadily. I asked Chloe "Can you help me before I crash?"

When the chicken game started I said to Ms Garden” Can I have a break because my knee hurts." As soon the limbo game started I went to play limbo it was hard. On the first 2 rounds I fell down as I went to skate around the rink.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesturday at 12.51 an earthquake struck Christchurch this is the 2ND huge earthquake then less than 6 mounts.the earthquake measured 6.3 its epicentre was at Lytteton and there little earthquake.they were heps of people got stuck in there houses some people were crying cause some of there family love ones were gone and some are still missing there were more than 300 people.I felt sad cause the earthquake came to christchurch.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Hydroslide at Swimarama

When I was walking up the stairs I heard lots of echoing coming from up stairs . It looked scary because it took a long time to walk up.By the time I got there, the line it was a long line.

Finally it was my turn. I had to wait for the green light to come on. When it came on Mr S gave me a powerful push. I was zooming down the pitch black slide, screaming with excitement in the dark. It looked like I had seen a ghost. I was happy to go down.

On my second turn I had to leave the slide. I felt sad because I only had 2 turns and some kids had more turns than me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

School Picnic

Last week on Friday the whole school came to our school picnic. It was at the Tamaki reserve. By the time we got there we all had to line up. It was the Pt England way. When Mr Burt was finished talking we all had to put our bags away. After that we ate some of our lunch. I ate my cookie.

After that I went to find some crabs. When I found one Hta Wa Ra found 3. Later when we were looking for some more slimy crabs I found a baby crab. It didn't nip. It was cool looking for crabs.

After we finished looking for crabs my friends and I were dancing. They were Tyla, Jorja, Jonita and Kaycee. We were having a dancing competition. It was girls vs boys. The boys were Rocky, Rauf and Prince .When we started dancing Rocky was dancing hard out. When the Thriller came on they were dancing Michael Jackson. They were funny because they were trying to do the moon walk.
After we finished dancing we had a break. My heart was was beeping so fast that I went to play volleyball for a little bit. After I did a spike I left to hang out with Jorja. We were talking about the dance competition whil we ate lunch and I drank my juice that my mum had put in my bag

When the karaoke started me and Jonita went in the line. When it was our turn we were shy. The song was celebration time. We learnt that song from Food Glorious Food.

Then it was time to go back to our class room.When we got there we played games.After that I played last card.It was fun and amazing that we had a school picnic.Finally my dad came to pick me up to go back home.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Holiday - Tenpin Bowling

Guess what I did in the school holidays? I went bowling with my family at botany. When we got there, there were a lot of people. When we went to the counter we asked for some bowling shoes and socks. When I put them on they were glowing.

We went to lane 6 we started to play and it was my aunty's turn first. She got 8 down and then 2 more, on the second round she got 1 down. 2nd up it was my turn. When I was aiming I got 5 down and 5 up. On my second round I got 3 down.
Next it was my brother's turn. When he was aiming for it, it went on the side so none of the pins bowled over. "Ha ha you missed," I laughed. On the second round he missed again.
After that it was my little brothers turn he got 1 down on his other turn he got a strike. "Good boy Jordan," I said he replied " I'm so happy," I was happy too. "Can we come here again? "I asked my auntie. She said said, "Well see,she said well see.