Friday, March 9, 2012


On Tuesday year 5 and up went on a trip to Telstra  clear event centre where lots of school’s go their to meet THE ONE AND ONLY Dr Ben Carson , he is a really famous man because when he was little him and his mum was poor and most people called him dummy until he started reading and his dream was to be a  brain surgery doctor he is from the USA with his wife . When we were getting ready to go in the bus we went to the hall to sought out the people who is not going. Later on it was time to go to meet Dr Ben Carson.

Suddenly when we arrived I was so excited  to meet  Dr Ben Carson. I wondered if he was really old?, before it started I saw loots of school’s arriving inside the Stadium. Telstra  clear event centre is near Rainbow end on the left. When we found our seat I was between Saadiya and Chloe. Later on their was music, the music was the Duffy Song then we sang with it, we had to do the action but I forgot the action after it was finished a man called Henry came up the stage.

Henry was the MC for the day he was funny because he was acting like a girl by his voice  I thought that it was his normal  voice until he started to speak like his normal voice.He was telling us a story about when he was 11 and when Henry and his mum when to shopping every Thursday night. His mum said” Henry go and look for a DVD ” said his mum. when he looked at the shelf where all the DVDs were, so he pick a DVD open the case no DVD in their so he went to the lady and said” Excuse me how come their is no DVD in their” the lady replied” son that’s not a DVD” the lady said” it is a book she said”go and sit down and I will read it to you” the book that he read was Treasure island. Then we were acting like a girl he looked so hilarious.

Before Dr Ben Carson came up the stage we watched a movie when Dr Ben Carson was young or shell I say Ben Carson when he was was a teenager at his school. It was sad because the white boys mocked him and called dummy he was son angry until his mum told him to read then when he was old he became famous.

Then it was time for Dr Ben Carson to come up the stage and every one was cheering while he came up the stage . He was telling us a story about a young girl having sezar it was sad one month past and she said’ to her dad” my nose is inchy” Then he started to saying thank you and all those other staff. Then it was time to go back to school and I saw my auntie Tini with her class. Then we had to go back to school.


  1. Hi Raeleen,
    Thanks to your blog I know more about Dr Ben Carson. He is a great role model to always dream big and never give up. Keep reading, writing and blogging Raeleen. Remember punctuation and spelling too.

  2. Hi Raeleen,
    How lucky you and all the students who went to Telstra to listen to Dr Carson are. I bet he was a very entertaining speaker. Like Dr Carson, remember Nothing is Impossible.

  3. Raeleen it's a wonderful thing that you got to go along and listen to such an inspirational man. I know that many of peers enjoyed this time and found many of his life stories fascinating as well as inspirational. Keep up the posting Raeleen.


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