Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Tree Hill

Have you ever been to a mountain that has Kupe on it? Well Room 14 went to One Tree Hill and we went to Stardome we had walked up the mountain because we had lots of time to get inside Stardome, it has relate to our topic Outta this World.

Yesterday on Thursday on our way to go to One Tree Hill , Room 14 went on our Field trip to One Tree Hill. I was Excited that we were going to stardome but before went inside we had our morning tea.

After that we walked up the mountain to see the statue of kupe, when we got started to walk I was not ready to walk up the mountain. When we were nearly their my legs got sour so then I just kept on Walking and when we were nearly there the wind came and it started to be cold and it nearly pushed me away but I held on to the fence and walk up.

When we got to the top I was huffing and puffing then I look over the Rock’s and I saw the Sky tower and lots of staff in Auckland. When I looked down to the Crater I felt like I was going to fall down it was so freaky.

When we finished looking around Auckland we went to go down the crater I was scared because last year with Mrs McKinley we went down the scary way but when we went down we did a easy way. So I was not scared at all then we all wanted to roll down the hill.
Now we had our lunch after we had our lunch we had to play for 5 min before we go inside Sardome. When we went on the octopus arm but later on we only had 2 min because the other school was taking for long so then they gave us a short turn. Later on we had to go inside Stardom I was
so Excited.

When we arrived it was so awsome!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Comet Ice- Cream

Have you made a Comet with Ice-cream? well Rm 14 made a Comet for our topic Outta This World and we were all Excited when we were making a Comet with Ice-cream!!!!!!!.

Eagerly waiting for Miss Squires to get our Ice-cream Mr Burt came in and told us about Neil Armstrong and Buzz up on the moon they were the first on the moon. Finally Miss Squires arrived with our Ice-cream she said" I hope there is enough ". Next min we all had to go in a circle and waited for our terns.

When Miss Squires put the biscuit's in the middle we used the hundred;s block's to smash it a hand full and sprinkle it onto our ice-cream then into crumbs.The biscuit's were the Rock's and dust the ice-Cream was for the ice and the cone was for the tail. Later on when we finished smashing it we got straights on with the ice-cream then she put the sprinkles on and chocolate.

We did it like this our teacher who put it on our hand and the we go to the biscuit's the we grab and put it on top of the ice-cream it was chocolate ice-cream my favourite then we put it on the cone. I thought that she putt's it on the cone the we turn it upside down and put the biscuits on. After Sisilia's turn it was my turn and it was very cold the Ice-cream was melting on my fingers and then it put lots of biscuits on it was really slimy and Ice-cream was on my fingers with the biscuit's so I had to lick it that was so yum.

So when I went outside into the deck it was Delicious so when I was finished eating my ice-cream Miss Squires said" you can have seconds" to every one. Then all of us were Scavenging for more it was funny.When we came inside we saw lots of crumbs and it was mes so we had to clean it up the Comet was yummy.