Friday, February 18, 2011

My Holiday - Tenpin Bowling

Guess what I did in the school holidays? I went bowling with my family at botany. When we got there, there were a lot of people. When we went to the counter we asked for some bowling shoes and socks. When I put them on they were glowing.

We went to lane 6 we started to play and it was my aunty's turn first. She got 8 down and then 2 more, on the second round she got 1 down. 2nd up it was my turn. When I was aiming I got 5 down and 5 up. On my second round I got 3 down.
Next it was my brother's turn. When he was aiming for it, it went on the side so none of the pins bowled over. "Ha ha you missed," I laughed. On the second round he missed again.
After that it was my little brothers turn he got 1 down on his other turn he got a strike. "Good boy Jordan," I said he replied " I'm so happy," I was happy too. "Can we come here again? "I asked my auntie. She said said, "Well see,she said well see.