Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations 2014

This morning team 5 gathered up into the street for future aspirations. Future Aspirations is when 3 or 4 different speakers comes and preaches the word about being inspired or having an inspiration. Before we got to meet the speakers we opened it up with a prayer.

Mr Andrew Peterson was the host for the future aspirations. He firstly introduced Anthony Samuels (Levi's Dad) Mr Samuels showed team 5 some pictures of what he did as a actor on what now and a television entertainer. Mr Samuels came across a saying that he just recently learnt to miharo hoki which means you are amazing and he also taught us how to do it in sign language. He also told us some funny stories on what happened when he was a television entertainer.

Our second speaker was Paula Fakalata he is an attitude speaker, an attitude speaker is when a group of people talk to other people about better attitude and better relationships. Paula was extremely funny because he told us a story about what he did when he was attending Glen Innes Primary and a story about him almost dieing about how he tried to cheat in a swimming race.

Our last speaker for the day was Amelia Unufe, Amelia's future was having her own fashion label. Amelia showed us some pictures about what they do in fashion and what they designed. She also told us that she wanted to be like her cousin and graduate. Amelia in primary she was struggling to find the right subject that suits her so when she was year 12 she  decided to be a fashion desginer.

At the end of Future Aspirations we finished it off by saying thank you as behalf of the year 7 & 8's . Lastly we sang Mihi Mai Ra. I was so inspired because they say some inspiring things.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Raeleen Thinkboard Week 7

This is my thinkoard for week 7 term 4.

Manaiakalani Film Festial 2014

]Waking up early in the morning and hearing the birds chirping I had clicked and remembered that I was Manaiakalani film festival today. The Manaiakalani film festival is a event where all of different schools around Glen Innes and Panmure area reunite and shows other schools short films that their class plans and put together. The Manaiakalani Film Festival was at the Sylvia Park hoyts cinemas. I rapidly hopped out off my bed towards the bathroom and slipped on my school uniform. In a amount of time left before we headed off we ate a delicious breakfast.

Arriving at school and hearing the 8:30am bell ring and also seeing heaps of people patiently waited for their teacher at the door I knew that they were elevated. After hearing the news from my teacher that we will be leaving school around 11:30 I was slightly sad because I honestly thought that we will be leaving towards Sylvia Park cinemas early and hopefully stayed there throughout the whole day.

Strolling outside of class and seeing 3 unattractive old buses we rapidly rushed towards the middle bus, quickly hunting through crowds of eager students I stumbled across an available seat waiting for a one of friends to come Htawra sat next to me.

As soon as we got their basically all you can see was handful of students from others schools fill up the mall. Entering the cinema it was very packed with a variety of schools in the manaiakalani cluster. After 5 minutes of talking to my friends that were sitting with me it was time for the Manaiakalani film Festival for 2014 to begin. Seeing our class presenters Muamua and Henry I was beyond excited. Our class movie was called the kindness Boomerang is about being kind to one another like lending a helping hand even if their a person you don’t even know. After seeing all sorts of short films from other school I guess my favourite movie would have to be all of them because they were all creative and clever.

Leaving the cinemas and heading towards the unengaging buses to go back to school I was slightly sad because I wanted to watch all the film but unfortunately we couldn’t and because that was going to be my last time watching Manaiakalani Films. I had a really fun time at the cinemas because I got to see my cousins from other school present their class movie and also got to watch films with my friends and class. I had a really awesome time at Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Popplet - Camp

This is my popplet for the week, So this time it is a bit different instead of selecting word to describe it we had to type down what we did at our year 8 camp at Marsden Bay in Ruakaka. I typed what the activities were, what game we played and how we described our camp.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Raeleen Think-board

This is my think-board, as you can see it has a diagram to show my thinking, what I used to solve it, a word problem and 10 similar questions. This is my think-board for the week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Reading - Triathlon

1. Vocabulary Exercise B Match the words in the table to their definitions below.
A. dismount    B. triathlon   C. transitions D. electronic chip   E. break
1. A race with three separate parts Triathlon
2. Competitors wear this around their ankle to measure their times Electronic Chip
3. The changes between different parts of the race  Transitions
4. To get off the bike Dismount
5. Competitors don’t get one of these during a race! Breaks
2. How to play Exercise A Match the answer to the correct question. Write the letter.

1. Why is swimming always the first part? The reason why swimming is first is because when you swim it can keep you dehydrated and it can also keep you wet so you won’t be dry.
2. Why do athletes have to wear an electronic chip? To measure the time or distance so the next time they do it they can try to beat it.
3. Can athletes have a rest after each stage? No because the aim of the triathlon is to push yourself to the limit and if you have a break you're losing and wasting time.
4. What does an athlete need to do the triathlon? So they can be able to run long distance, being able to ride a bike for a really long time and also to be able to swim really fast.
5. What is a transition? A triathlon is a sport with 3 parts and there is a swimming stage, a cycling stage and running stage.

a. Lot of energy and endurance – that means when you can continue doing something for a long time.
b. Because it’s the hardest sport, athletes get tired so they do the more difficult one first.
c. When the athletes change from one sport to another.
d. That’s so they know how long each stage takes.
e. No, they have to move to the next stage without stopping!

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2. How to play Exercise B Put the vocabulary into the correct spaces.

low    finally   ankle    ready
a. A triathlon is a race with three separate parts. First, contestants swim for 1.5 kilometres, then cycle for 40 kilometres and finally run for 10 kilometres.
b. After each stage, contestants must get ready for the next part of the race
c. These changes (or ‘transitions’) are still part of the race. Contestants try to keep their transition time as low as possible.
d. Contestants wear an electronic chip around their ankle to measure the time each stage takes.
bikes     stage 2    hours     clothes
e. There are special ‘transition areas’ on the course for contestants to get ready
for the next stage 2.
f. The first transition is after the swimming. Contestants get out of the water and put on clothes  for the cycling. Then they get on (or ‘mount’) their bikes.
g. The second transition is after the cycling. They get off (or ‘dismount’) their bikes and begin their 10-kilometre run.
h. The race is usually completed in less than hours.
DID YOU KNOW? The ‘Ironman Competition’ is an extreme form of the triathlon. Contestants have to swim for 3.86 kilometres, cycle for 180.25 kilometres and run a full marathon (42.2 kilometres)!

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3. Reading Triathlon Legends
Simon Lessing is one of the greatest triathletes of all time. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa. By the end of his fifth year at school, he had won honours in swimming, sailing and biathlon (a two-sport event). He was also a good cross-country runner.
When he was 9 he went to live in England and eventually represented Great Britain in world championships, at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. He won 8 gold medals, 3 silver and a bronze medal – an amazing total of 12 medals in one of the hardest sports.
Jackie Fairweather is from Australia. She says she is very competitive and a compulsive racer. Jackie was 24 years old when she dedicated herself to multiport and began preparing herself for triathlon events.
Over the years she has recorded over 100,000 kilometres on a bicycle and has swum over 9,000 kilometres. In 2012 she received Australia’s highest honour which was to become a member of the Hall of Fame.
Answer the questions
1. What did Simon Lessing achieve when he was still at school In South Africa? He won in honours in swimming, sailing and biathlon,
2. Why did he become a legend in Great Britain? At the commonwealth games and the olympics. He had won 8 gold medals, 3 silver and a bronze medal.
3. What kind of competitor is Jackie Fairweather? She is very competitive and a compulsive racer.
4. Why do you think she became a member of the Hall of Fame?
Over the years she has recorded over 100,000 kilometres on a bicycle and has swum over 9,000 kilometres.
Why do you think some athletes become legends? Because they have been pushing themselves to become very good at something they wanted to achieve when they were young and they have also been representing their countries like in the commonwealth games and olympics.
Do you think athletes need to be competitive and compulsive in their sport? Why? Yes because if they are soft to other people and for example they see a person coming last and they wait for them to run past them and let them win before you even though you had a huge head start.
Why do you think a triathlon athlete is so respected by other athletes?
Because even though you really want to win something you still have to show good sportsmanship to others.

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4. Think and Answer
What type of people do triathlons? People who are very good at swimming, cycling and running and is able to not stop.
What do you think triathletes eat? Healthy food like fruit, veggies and they have to have protein in their food.
How do triathletes feel after completing the triathlon? They properly feel overwhelmed because they have accomplished the triathlon without giving up.

Choose one of the following and write one paragraph:
✪ Use the library or Internet to research a triathlete. Write a paragraph about their
training schedule, eating habits and other interesting facts.
✪ Watch a triathlon on YouTube. Write a paragraph about your observations. Did
anything surprise you? Does it look like something you would like to try? Which event seemed most difficult? What about the transitions?

A triathlon is a competitive sport with 3 diffrent courses in it and if you want to be apart in the triathlon you have to have the skill of being able to swim, cycle and run long distance because if you don’t know how to do it you might fail. The triathlon is one of the hardest events in the commonwealth games because it has a mixture of 3 diffrent sports.

Raeleen Week 6 Maths Presentation

Task 1:
a. 3 x 134 = 402
3 x 4 = 12
3 x 30 = 90
3 x 100 = 300
300 + 90 + 12 = 402

b. 4 x 233 = 932
4 x 3 = 12
4 x 30 = 120
4 x 200 = 800
800 + 120 + 12 = 932

c. 6 x 518 = 3108
6 x 8 = 48
6 x 10 = 60
6 x 500 = 3000
3000 + 60 + 48 = 3108

d. 4 x 204 = 816
4 x 4 = 16
4 x 0 = 0
4 x 200 = 800
800 + 0 + 16 = 816

e. 6 x 142 = 852
6 x 2 = 12
6 x 40 = 240
6 x 100 = 600
600 + 240 + 12 = 852

f. 9 x 223 = 2007
9 x 3 = 27
9 x 20 = 180
9 x 200 = 180
180 + 180 + 27 = 2007

g. 3 x 257 = 771
3 x 7 = 21
3 x 50 = 150
3 x 200 = 600
600 + 150 + 21 = 771

h. 7 x 124 = 686
7 x 4 = 28
7 x 20 = 140
7 x 100 = 700
700 + 140 + 28 = 686

i. 4 x 258 = 1032
4 x 8 = 32
4 x 50 = 200
4 x 200 = 800
800 + 200 + 32 = 1032

Task 2:
a. 4 x 132 = 528
b. 6 x 219 = 1304
c. 8 x 146 = 1168
d. 7 x 512 = 3584
e. 8 x 225 = 1800
f. 6 x 205 = 1230
g. 7 x 442 = 3094
h. 9 x 118 = 1062
i. 8 x 235 = 1880

Word Problems:
a. An orchard has 6 containers with 145 apples in each container. How many apples do they have in total?
6 x 145 = 870
6 x 5 = 30
6 x 40 = 240
6 x 100 = 600
600 + 240 + 30 = 870

b. A tie company makes 214 ties everyday of the week (Monday to Friday). How many ties do they make in total?
5 x 214 = 1070
5 x 4 = 20
5 x 10 = 50
5 x 200 = 1000
1000 + 50 + 20 = 1070

c. A mail centre received 354 parcels on Saturday and another 354 parcels on Sunday. How many parcels of mail did they received over the weekend?
2 x 354 = 708
2 x 4 = 8
2 x 50 = 100
2 x 300 = 600
600 + 100 + 8 = 708

d. 5 planes have just landed at the airport. Every plane carries 325 passengers. How many passengers have just landed at the airport?
5 x 325 = 1625
5 x 5 = 25
5 x 20 = 100
5 x 300 = 1500
1500 + 100 + 25 = 1625

e. A toy maker has just sent out 8 boxes with 215 toy rockets in each box. How many toy rockets have they sent out in total?
8 x 215 = 1720
8 x 5 = 40
8 x 10  80
8 x 200 = 1600
1600 + 80 + 40 = 1720

f. A large department store has 4 boxes of socks. There are 121 pairs of socks do they have to sell?
4 x 121 = 484
4 x 1 = 4
4 x 20 = 80
4 x 100 = 400
400 + 80 + 4 = 484

g. A bank robber has filled 6 bags with money. He put 254 coins in every bag. How much coins has he stolen in total?
6 x 254 = 1253
6 x 4 = 24
6 x 50 = 30
6 x 200 = 1200
1200 + 30 + 23 = 1253

h. A warehouse has 8 boxes of pencils and there are 480 pencils in every box. How many pencils so they have in total?
8 x 480 = 3840
8 x 0 = 0
8 x 80 = 640
8 x 400 = 3200
3200 + 640 + 0 = 3840

i. A soup company has 5 boxes of cans. There are 158 cans in each box. How many cans do they have in total?.
5 x 158 = 790
5 x 8 = 40
5 x 50 = 250
5 x 100 = 500

500 + 250 + 40 = 790

Friday, August 22, 2014

Raeleen Life Education Writing

Our Life Education Experience

At the Beginning of term 3 class 3 have been experiencing lessons on how drugs and alcohol can affect the system in your human body. We have also been attending lessons in the life education bus how about how drugs and alcohol  can be entered into our bodies. The purpose of the life education bus is to help us educate and believing in ourselves.

Our life education teacher Lynn showed us a film about people picking the wrong choices just to be cool in front of their friends so they helped themselves to take drugs. Jason was one of them who have been taking drugs when he was in college, he took drugs because his inspiration had taken taken drugs as well. As he was grew up he had finally realized that he shouldn't of taken drugs because drugs can lead you to difficult place like appearing up in jail.

If you choose to put drugs in your body the drugs can slow down the messages to your brain and you will respond slow. If the brain has been responding so slow it can cause you to faint or die because the brain is the part that controls the body. Drugs are very powerful because heaps of people can get addicted to them and if you keep on craving for drugs your brain can react to being weak.

Friends and families can get you addicted to drugs so if they offer just say “no” and always protect yourself because you’ll never know what coming up. Drugs and alcohol can be sold anywhere in the world so you have to make the right decision and not pick drugs. Once you’ve taken way too many drugs you can start seeing things that no one else can see.

If you pick drugs you're picking the wrong choice because are bad news. Always have a open mind and ditch the drugs. “Drugs don’t choose people but people choose drugs”. This is a saying that Lynn told us because at the life education bus we have also been seeing some photos about what happens after people decide to take drugs or alcohol and remember drugs can lead you to a difficult place.

Raeleen King and Country

Identify the meaning to the following words in the text

“raging debate” Action taken in that one place
“commotion” A state of confused and noisy disturbance
“native contingent”, A person who has lived there all their life
“teach those Germans a lesson” Teaching them about their mistake they made
“confiscation”, Someones property with authority
“colonial wars” Wars that involved heaps of diffrent countries
“Pioneer Battalion” A battle that is in a curtain place.
“supposedly”, Often used to indicate that the speaker doubts the truth of that statement.
“lieutenant” A deputy acting for superior
“debris” Scattered pieces of rubbish

Last week we read the text ‘Lest We Forget’
Referring to last weeks text and what we recently learnt about World War 1 in our assembly, state three facts that you know about WWI.
The World War had many diffrent countries fighting for freedom for their country.
New Zealand was one of the countries that were representing New Zealand.
The World War I was the first war to fight for equality.
What role did New Zealand have in WWI?
The New Zealanders were comparing themselves with other men from diffrent nations. New Zealand teamed up with the British because they wanted to protect our country. New Zealand's role was to help the British win the war.

Why do we remember WWI in particular? Why did it hit New Zealand so hard?
We remember the WWI because our Soldiers fought in the WWI. It hit New Zealand so hard because the British asked them to help them fight and they decided to help them.
What does the title of this story mean to you in relation to that topic?
That the king of the country doesn't want to be involved with anything but he wants to save his country from the bad.
As you read, think about the ways people respond to community challenges. How do you think Māori responded when asked to fight in the war?
One of the old warriors shouted “This isn’t our war. It belongs to the British. Let them fight it.
Think about the date and about New Zealand’s history. How would Māori feel about fighting for the British Empire so soon after being colonised by Britain?
The Maoris were a bit scared because they have never fought in war before. But they still were protecting their country and home.
Why did young men especially like Rongo and Tipu want to join up?
Because they were brave men and also sporty and fast.
Why did their parents have different views about whether they should?
Because Tipu was to young to take part of the war and they didn't want the Germans to take over there land.

What have you inferred about the setting? What information in the text
and connections of your own helped you?
Tipu’s mum doesn't want him to go to war incase she might lose him forever and that he is too young to join, and whaea has never forgotten about the land confiscation in the Waikato during the 1860’s, of the lives lost trying to defend that land in the colonial wars.
What are the men arguing about?
The men are arguing about if they should go and fight in war or if they shouldn't fight in war. They are also arguing about what people they should choose to fight in the war.
Think about the reasons people did and did not participate in the war then and evaluate the responses of Māori at the time -
The reason why people didn’t want to fight in the war was because they were afraid that they might die or that they might lose their families.
Why does Tipu feels torn. Is it just a choice between staying with his mother or having an adventure or the the choice much more important than this?
Because he knows that he should be loyal to his mother’s iwi, that he should stay with her now Rongo has gone.
Has the news from Gallipoli made his choice more complex? Why/why not.
Yes because Big George has been killed there and Tipu wanted to be with his brother more than ever.
Do you think he should stay with his mother?
Yea because his mother doesn't want him to go to war because she was scared she might lose him.

If so why should he stay with his mother? What is his duty to her?
He should stay with his mother because he has to listen to her and his duty was listen to the stories she told him.
Why does the death of Big George make him want to be with his brother even more?
Because he has never spent enough time with him and he also was sad and it made him feel like he wanted to be with him even more.
If you are familiar with waka, what does the image of paddling home together in a waka mean to you? You get to finally see your family in ages because you were out fighting for your country.
Why is this an effective metaphor?
Because TIpu was missing his family and he was also brave because he fought in the war.
What does it tell you about the brothers and their values?
They are good brothers and they treat each other fairly.
Are they on their way home? Why does the writer suggest this?
He only imagined that he is on the waka and I’m really not sure because I dosent say he went home.

From the text create an image using Pxlr, Sumopaint to display an image of WWI. This can be on the battlefields or anywhere of your choice.

Screenshot 2014-08-22 at 10.11.18 AM.png