Monday, December 17, 2012

Acrostic Poem about my BFF Wakatere

Watches too much T.V
Always sing Nicki Minaj songs
Always sings

Talk about making up songs
Eats lots of Burgers
Remember lots of stuff
Eats lots of chocolate.

Sad day.

On Sunday me and my family went to the airport to say Good bye to 1 of my best friend paris and Faith . Because My auntie and her kids were going to Samoa.And my friends Paris and Faith were going to live at Australia with their Mum and Dad. When Paris and Faith left Paris was crying so much because she was going to leave her family they are coming back when Faith goes to College. When it was time for my auntie to leave with  her daughter Taufau, Taufau was crying for me and my cousins it was so sad. When it was time to go I felt sad, so when they left I was crying with my cousin Tamirah. I was lonely so I just went to watch TV so that can make me feel not lonely.

After Church they rang us and they said”thank you” then I told her to give the phone to Taufau and she was crying on the phone she “said sau fea manao au ua leen” that means she wanted me to go to Samoa to see her but I said” I cant I am in New Zealand and you are in Samoa”. When I saw lots of photo of her on  my cousin phone it bring me back memory that me and her had done for the past 2 weeks. I was going to cry but I was crying a little.

Toy animation

This is my Toy Animation. The reason why I did thin animation was because our Topic for this Term Was Toy Story. Hope you enjoy my movie.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kawau Island Camp Presentation

Chocolate & Lollies

There are all sorts of sweets like Candy cane,chocolate,candy and Much much more. Lollies can be  different colors but it doesn't matter.

When I eat chocolate I just want to beg for more, sometimes I can get easily crazy after I eat heaps of Chocolate.  I love anything with chocolate like Chocolate drink,Chocolate Bars and chocolate everything.

My Favorite Lollies is Red Skins and Fruit Burst.  When I see chocolate I will ask my mum if I can have some chocolate. Chocolate is one of  the best sweets in the world.

 Yummy Chocolate.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Having Netbook is 1 of the most special things you ever had, and it is way better than writing with a pencil on a paper. Our netbook has some amazing stuff on it. We all have a site called Google Docs, it is for your writing or
planning, you can do presentation’s on there aswell.  This year I had some challenging days with my netbook, my first challenging was when I dropped my Netbook on the ground and I got so scared that I thought it was broken. I really like to take my Netbook home so I can do Extra Work and I really think a netbook would help you learn better.

If you ever get stuck on a question you can search it up on your netbook. Or you can go on a site called it will tell you the answer. Taking good care of your Netbook is not that easy because if you have a little siblings they can easily break it so if I was you I would hide it where the wont find it. The thing I like about my Google docs is that you can write anything and you can post it on your Blog, if you visit anyones blog you can learn from there by reading what they have written.

The thing I really want to change is our internet because sometimes it takes for long to load. I also want to have a Microphone because you can just talk instead of writing when you chat to your friends or Families online. The thing I feel bored is when you turn on your netbook it is so long. The most thing i am worried about is that your Netbook can get easily broken and the Hinges are too weak.
If I was the creator of the netbooks I would make the screen bigger and make the internet load quicker. If I had 2 options between Asus or Windows 8 I would choose Asus because when when you have windows 8 you can't change it but if you have Asus you can change the background whatever you want.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt for buying our netbooks. Next year I can't wait to see if were are going to have new Netbooks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Christmas & Holiday story.

YAY! school is nearly finished and what should I do in the Holidays?. Well we all know Christmas is coming up and we all get presents. So what shell I bye for my Family. The thing I like about the Holiday is that you can wake up anytime you want.

Christmas is a specil day for everyone because it is Jesus Birthday. some of our families Start opening the presents at Midnight. Then after Christmas it is New Year. When my families go to Church there is always a Christmas service and all the kids do it and it is so cool. And during the Holidays you get to see a Christmas Parade like at Papatoetoe or Pamure and More places. Christmas is my favourite Holiday and I like to have lots of presents.

Leaving school is a sad thing because you might not see your friends during the Holidays. The exciting thing about the Holidays is that you dont need to hear your teacher yelling at you. In the Holidays you can sleep late and do anything you want.

The thing I miss about school is my Friends and my teacher. Every school day My teacher Mr S who is my first male teacher. He is one of the best teachers that I ever had. On the first day of school I thought he would be a boring teacher but I was wrong. On the last day of every term we would watch a movie and eat Pop Corn. And after that he would give loads of prizes. My friends are so good that when I get angry they wil help me out.

Cant wait to see what I get for Christmas.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Acrostic poem about my BFF Martha

M Making lots of people laugh.
A  Artistic person.
R  Really smart at math.
T  Talk’s about making up dances.
H  Help’s people with their math.
A  Annoying.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The day when Barbie came alive

On Christmas I had the best present ever and it was a Barbie Doll that my dad got for me!!!. Later that night I went to the market with my mum to buy lamb chops for dinner and pancakes with berries for tomorrows breakfast. While I was at the Markets I saw a wishing well. I asked my mum if could have one dollar and go to the wishing well and she said, "Yeah go for it!”

When I went to the wishing well there were lots of people there. Three minutes later I finally got to get my wish. My wish is, if Barbie could come alive by tomorrow evening. Then my mum said, "What did you wish for?” I replied, "I wished that Barbie would come alive.” Then My mum started laughing. When we arrived home everyone was already at the table getting ready to eat. After we ate we went back to sleep.

The next morning we had Pancakes with berries. After we ate breakfast we went outside to play go home, stay home. After we played I just remembered my wish of Barbie coming alive. So then I quickly ran to my room to see if Barbie had come alive when I said, "Please wake up!" Suddenly she woke up!

When Barbie came alive I was so scared so then I touched her hair then she said, "Hi.” I got frightened and I screaming as loud as I can. Then I threw her out of the window and said, ”Bye bye.” Then I told my Mum & Dad that Barbie came alive. Then they looked at each other and started laughing. Then I showed my mum that barbie was real then I showed her and said, "What shall I do?” She whispered, "Maybe we should put her in a garage sale!" I agreed and said, "Lets do the garage sale tomorrow!"

The Next day I woke up and my mum had already some people buying our stuff. A little girl called Martha brought Barbie for 5 dollars.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Acrostic poem about Chloe

C  Cheerful & helpful
H Has lots of fun everyday
L   Laugh’s to much
O  Outstanding person
E   Has lots of Energy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The worlds biggest sneeze

One day I was playing on the park with my cousin and brothers they were all playing a game and they were laughing a lot but when I was laughing I sneeze Achoo!!! so loud that it was louder than her baby sister crying . So I run to mum dad and said? I think I have a powerful sneeze and her dad said a powerful sneeze? . I said yes yes I do I will show you see . Then she went in the the van and got the duster and tickled her nose then came out a big sneeze .

But after she sneeze her dad was gone she was calling him then he said up here! Then I said where are you ?? Then I look up the tree and saw that my dad was in the tree . Then he climb  down the tree and said WOW!! That is powerful then I was playing around with my sneeze and but my mum could see what I was doing I was blowing everyone in the air but it was fun for them but they dont no what is happen to them .

Mum came over and said do you know what you're doing and then I said no ? I said you are going to make people sick if you sneeze on them then she said ohh!! no what have I done . Then she said what should I do to make It stop and she said just cover your mouth then later on her cousin came over to just play around with Me . Then I was playing then I sneeze on them then I run downstairs and said mum mum I sneeze on my cousin . Them my mum said its all right you just need to get yous to it .

Then I went back upstairs then I sneeze but I cover my mouth and if you have a big sneeze just cover your mouth and then you won't make people sick .

Olympic Presentation

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Valerie Adams the best Shot put champion in the world

Did you know who is my favourite athlete for the 2012 London Olympic Games?. It is Valerie adams because she is the defending champion in the world. Not only she is the champion she support New zealand as well.

Valerie is from New Zealand but her coulter is half Tongan and half Samoan she was born 1984 on the 6th of october. Before she Competes she always train her best. Sometimes Valerie had some tough times like when she had to give up her coach and go a diffrent coach.

Valerie Adams compete in the women's Shot put games. When Valerie Adams gets a Silver medal sometimes she is not happy. Everybody in the Olympics come before there events so the they could train. When Valerie adams train she trains 3 or 4 hours.

The reason why Valerie Adams is famous is because she is the defending champion in the women's shot put games. Valerie adams d my favourite because she is an New Zealand and she never gives up.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Go Akarana

Lights up Auckland Akaran Falcons- Goodbye Stingrays.

Did you know where I went on Monday night  I went to see my uncle that was playing for the Auckland Akarana falcons  team?. He also plays for  Marist Saints. He likes to bump of people and score a try.

Yesterday on Monday night at 7pm I went Mount Smart Stadium to watch the Akarana vs Stingrays. The team the I go for is Akarana because my uncle plays for that team his name is Lii it is an Samoan name. Akarana is the Auckland team and Lii is number 11 for his team.

When it started one of the prop from Stingrays  scored a try. When he scored it said to my brother Cyrus” man that prop is fast at running”. After they got the kick over the score was 6 to 0 Akarana got 0 and Stingrays got 6. After ten minutes we scored a try and got the kick over so the score was 6 all. When there was ten minutes left I heard my Uncle say “ Booo you guys stink” and I said” you guys are scared of my uncle so don’t beat it”.

When the first half finished I called out to Lii but he couldn't hear me. Luckily the music came on and I was singing with my uncle and my brother. When the music finished the

Then second half  started and I was shouting my loudest “you guys are scared of my uncle”. After I said that they scored a try and I was so happy. But when the stingrays got the ball they went to the left side were our defence were useless so then my Grandpa said” STOP KILLING YOURSELF” . Then the score was 6 , 12 to the sting rays. Then we scored another try so the score was 12 all and then we got the kick over  12 to 14 to Akarana team. Then the Stingrays

Auzzie Rules

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks Roon 16 and Room 17 went to Ozzie rule. It is a sport that is from Australia I think, cause it sounds like it’s an Ozzie game.On our first day of Ozzie rules we saw diffrent people from last year. So the they introduced them self to us. One of them were Sam which was and Boy and Inita which was the Girl. When we started I was so excited that we are going to learn how to play Aussie rules.

On our 2nd week of Ozzie rules there was a new guy his name was Brandon he was with Inita but sam was not there. When it started we all got split up room 16n was with Anita and room 17 was with Brandon. When it was time to start we had we had get into 3 or 4 groups so I was with Ashlee, Asena and Mya our first step was a phist pump it is a way to hit the ball with your hand. The rules were keep laces away from facesel. They said you have to dance like a pirate dance you have to do a ice-cream scoop that’s how you do it.

On our 3rd week we did a kicking game for Ozzie rules I did not know what was it called but I just call it kicking game. I was not here cause I had to go for a mix netball team. But when I came back I saw them playing so then i asked Anita what was it called but I forgot what was the game called.

But after they finished we had to go back to class then Mr S start asking how was our game and then we said we came 2nd because we had to verse team 1 from our school at the end of the game I realised that they are a really hard team to verse so I had a good day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Go For Gold

       GO FOR GOLD

Today was the first day of school  for term 3 2012. Our theme for this term id Go for Gold. When I first found out that our topic was Go for Gold I said to Martha" Martha are we learning about the Olympics in London. But before we watched the movie that all the teams had done for us. We sang the National Anthem.

Now it's time for team 1, team 1 did a movie about Mrs George interviewing 2 famous olympians their names were Jesse Owen and there was someone else but I don’t know his name was so she started asking questions to them I didn't know what was the question because I wasn't there so I told my friends what had happe

now it’s time for team 2 did a movie and it was all about practice, practice and practice they did a slide show. The photos that were up there Sonny Bill William and these other boxes and the training coaches they were key 1. key 2 was  someone on a bike with a Green alfut. Key 3 was  was this man who was playing Rugby and scored a TRY!!!.

Now it is time for team 3. The teachers that was performing was Mrs Tuala, Ms Walters, Mrs Burne, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Barks. Mrs Tuala was a girl that was running a marathon and she came down the stage with her Water bottle and started squirting us but luckily she didn't squirt me. After Mrs Tuala was Mrs Lavakula she was a boxer then Mrs Barks called MR BARKS WOULD BE ABLE TO HELP US. So then Mr Barks came up with his boxing clubs and started fighting mrs Lavakula but when they finished fighting Mr Barks fell off the stage and Mrs Lavakula WON!!!. Then on the screen it go lights up Mrs Lavakula and Boooooooooo Mr Barks. Then it was Mrs Walters turn she was a gymnast she was acting a girl called Nadia Comaneci she started doing Gymnastics  for the olympics when she was 14 she started practicing when she 7.

Now it's time for team 4. They made a movie and the first person who was talking was
Mr S was a spear fisher, then Mrs Garden was a girl who was learning how to swim. the Funny thing was she practice in the bath. Now it was Mrs KIng turn she didn't show herself but she used dolls. Then it Mrs ouano she was a Princess and she was the best swimmer. Then it was Mr Marks turn he had a hand that was  wooden. Then they did a dance about Synchronized Swimming.

Now it time for team 5 I am sorry that I forgot what happen but I remember how were they talking about he was Jesse Owens he was a sprinter.

Ice Age 4 Continental draft.

In the Holidays at Sunday evening I went to the movies with my Auntie Lama with her Husband Afa with two Brothers and my Uncles nieces and Nephew they were RIna & Niah. We went to the movies at Manukau we went to watch Ice age 4 continental drift. But before we went inside the movies we went to have a feed at McDonalds..

When we got inside McDonalds my Auntie Lama told us to go and play at the playground so my brothers went and I just sat down watching them. Suddenly Niah cried so then I took him outside to my auntie. After that my Aunt called us all in and she got us Chicken mac cheese and her and Afa got Big Mac. Then she gave us our cups to fill and I got a raspberry.. After we finished eating we were on our way to enter the movies.

When we got inside lama told us to go to the time out. When I went for a look i saw this game and you could win a Ipad 4. it was only $1 to play. After 2 0r 3 min we got our tickets and we went up stairs and it was packed so then we saw the poster of the amazing Spider man and we took a photo. Finally this Lady started to rip our tickets and said” you guys are late to watch the movie:” when we got inside it was full, well not quite full but we got our seat in the front.

Then they said” put on your 3d Glasses when I put it on it looked cool. Then the movie started. The movie started off when Manny the mammoth who was trying to find his daughter peaches. The reason why they name her peaches is because when Elly was pregnant she always say to many PEACHES,.
When Many was looking for peaches he saw her with her friend I forgot what was his name.

About 1 0r 3 hours later the movie was finished and we went back home. The ending was so amazing and it's when they all found a new home.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic styles

Today Room 16 and Mrs King went to the Music room because we were doing our rotation. The pose that I was doing was Archery when we got our photo taken we had to decorate it from Flicke.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picasso Rock Star

This is my Picasso rock star I chose Miley Cyrus because she looked easy to draw but it was a little bit hard. The really funny thing was my front view it was bigger than the profile view.

My favourite Art

Room 16 went to our school art gallery in the hall. When we got there we got to look at the amazing art work. When I went past our classes art I chose Dhara’s one because her picasso art was Taylor Swift and Rihanna it was so amazing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Being kind to each other.

   Being Kind to each other.

1. Being kind to someone means you have to be kind to them and talking gently to them.

2. When someone is new you have to treat them good because when you are new you dont know lots of staff we do at our school.

3. When your teacher is gone and you have a reliever don't get angry at her use your manners and talk sensibly to her. Sometimes they can be a little bit hard on you so don't get angry just say our teacher told us to.

4. Be happy, joyful, and grateful. These emotions rest at the heart of kindness, allowing you to see the good in others and the world, enabling you to press through the challenges, despair, and cruelty you witness and experience, continuously restoring your sense of faith in humanity. Maintaining an optimistic attitude ensures that acts of kindness are committed with genuine joy and cheerfulness rather than with reluctance or out of a sense of duty or service. And keeping your sense of humor ensures that you don't take yourself too seriously and take life's contradictory and contrary moments with good faith

The thing I like about my Teacher....

The thing I like about Mr S I when he gives us free time and he is so funny because he acts like a girl.When he gives us free time we have half an hour and some times 10 min. Sometimes he gets a little bit grumpy.

Everyday Mr S gives us green cards not when we have a reliva green cards is like special to come of the kids because they think it is all about racing. But at the end of term we get money it is not real money.I really like Mr S.

When I come in Morning he is always in his office and I sometimes say goodmorning to him and he says morning. Most of the kids say to me is Mr S a girl and I laugh then I said he is just acting like a girl.

Mr S is the bomb because he is always playing music on his precious macbook. Sometimes he gives lots of Green cards.

Monday, June 18, 2012

All about me

Hi my name is Raeleen and I am 10 years old. My Birthday is on January the 27th my Nationality is Samoa. My hair Colour Dark Brown and Black, My eye colour is Dark Brown.

In my family I have 2 Brothers they are Cyrus who is 8 and Jordan who is 5 My mum and dad are Sia and Kolone. My Grand parents on my mum side is Avituanai and Taufau and my dads mum and dad  is mamoe and Taupo, and I am a year 6 student at Pt England School.

My Favourite Sport is Netball, my favourite Singer is Blake Shelton and Niki Minaj, my Favourite Animal is a Tigers, my favourite TV program is H20 just add water. My favourite movie is Montie Carlo, My yummy food is Butter chicken.

My favourite Playstation is a PS3 and my favourite computer game is Friv, and my favourite book is Harry Potter.  and finally my favourite subject is Art, Worst Subject writing.

My best friends are Dhara, Sarona, Sisilia, Chloe, Martha, Efilona, Jorja,Wakatere and Quziyah.

In the future I would like to be famous and my Hero is Kitana but  my hobbies is to hang out with my friends.

During school I like to draw on the computer and helping people with their Net book and learning lots of new staff with my new teacher Mr S.

My favourite Cousin’s are Vanila, Tamirah, Ahkee , LJ, Sulu, Katrina, Junior, Julia, Ezra,  Savana, Adesson, Rasil and Jay.


This is my Picasso art drawing the name of the art is called Picasso Presely.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Famous Picasso art.

This is my Art drawing that is from Picasso the name of the art is caleed Picasso Persley. Please comment on my blog if I need anything to make it better. The reason why I choose this photo is  because when I was looking for a picture they were all hard so that is why I choose this.The photo on the bottom is the photo that I was trying to copy.

Monday, June 11, 2012


On Tuesday night when my Netball team had our netball game the Mystics were there, there were only 3 of them Maria Tutaia. When we were getting ready to go to the Netball courts we were at school training. While we were training our coach Neddy which is Ashlee’s mum and Safron who is our Captain Tyla’s mum. While they were looking for a ride me and Chloe were crazy we were playing Tiggy under the chairs then ashlee wanted to play with us.

When Neddy called us we were practing our pases then Gloria grabed the rugby ball and then we started to do pases. Tyla made this game up when you have to caught the ball with one hand. It was a little bit hard cause I mainly catch the ball with 2 hands. Then Safrom came and gave us biscuits and a banana we were all hungry so then we put the banana in the biscuit and we just ate and ate and ate until we were full.

When we found our ride we had 3 cars one with Quziyah Na na, Tyla’s mum and Neddy’s car with Ashlee dad I went with Neddy with Gloria and Johnamoar Tyla’s little brother.

When we arrived at the netball courts we found out that we were challenging Revelation my old club. Then I remember my old coach she was so mean so that is why I quit cause I was always doing the jobs even like water girl I hardly didn't do anything near playing.

When it was time to play our first quarter was bad and our 2nd quarter was really good and our 3rd quarter was really, really good but we lost. I felt happy when we tried our best. Then we all had to go back home.

Here is a photo of our team.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What does Respect mean to me?

Respect is the important word in the whole world that is why Pt england school uses the word Respect.Because sometimes there happens to be a fight is that respect? NO!!! that is not respect. I think it means when you have to take responsibility.

Respect means you have to listen to your coach by means the coach could be your mum or teacher so if you play netball or any other sport you have to respect them and that is how you might win your game.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Auzzie Rules

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks Roon 16 and Room 17 went to Ozzie rule. It is a sport that is from Australia I think, cause it sounds like it’s an Ozzie game.On our first day of Ozzie rules we saw diffrent people from last year. So the they introduced them self to us. One of them were Sam which was and Boy and Inita which was the Girl. When we started I was so excited that we are going to learn how to play Aussie rules.

On our 2nd week of Ozzie rules there was a new guy his name was Brandon he was with Inita but sam was not there. When it started we all got split up room 16n was with Anita and room 17 was with Brandon. When it was time to start we had we had get into 3 or 4 groups so I was with Ashlee, Asena and Mya our first step was a phist pump it is a way to hit the ball with your hand. The rules were keep laces away from facesel. They said you have to dance like a pirate dance you have to do a ice-cream scoop that’s how you do it.

On our 3rd week we did a kicking game for Ozzie rules I did not know what was it called but I just call it kicking game. I was not here cause I had to go for a mix netball team. But when I came back I saw them playing so then i asked Anita what was it called but I forgot what was the game called.

But after they finished we had to go back to class then Mr S start asking how was our game and then we said we came 2nd because we had to verse team 1 from our school at the end of the game I realised that they are a really hard team to verse so I had a good day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our school topic is called Art Alive and I am going to do a story about a man doing art with spray cans, newspaper and a pan. there we lots of diffrent colours that he used to do his art it was really cool. The painting in the start looked like colours all smashed together they were Red and Yellow but I didn't know what was the rest because he did it fast click this link and it will show you./, then scroll down to spray.

When i first watched it with my friend Chloe I was like this man should be famous because look at his art it was so amazing here is a photo of his finishing art.See look how amazing it is.

My other favourite artist in Samoa is Fatu feuu he dose lots of amazing pattern art disign here is my favorite one is a link you should click on it. So this is a photo of our topic that we are learinng.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Guess what we've been up to for 2 whole weeks? can you guess,click this link and it will tell you.glen-innes-pool/programmes!!!!. Now you know where we were been up to, if you still dont know room 16 went to the Glen Innes pools all the year 5&6’s went to the pools for Swimming lesson it was for our year 6 camp at the end of the year.

On the first day of Swimming I was so excited even thought I was not swimming I was’nt the only one there were lots of other kids in my class.Our teacher Mr S told us to grab a pencile and paper to write lines. We had to write (I must remember to bring my togs) 50 times. Now I was’nt happy cause I knew my hands will be sow so I tried to hold it. In Swimming lesson we divide into to 3 groups. Group 1 they need a lots of help swimming, group 2 they need a little help, but group 3 it is when they are really good swimmers so that is cool. When it was time for us to go I said” to Martha I had a really good time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Piarte Story

Once upon a time there lived  a mean pirate called Dhara in Never Land, in never land  their was a announcement to all the men’s who want to go on the glowing ship. It was mostly men who went on, but their were 2 girls their names where Chloe and Martha they was not scared of anything. Until Dhara tried to scare them bye telling them scary stories to scare Chloe and Martha. When they started Dhara was so angry because they didn't have a compio to find out where are they going there was no compious in  1891. Then Dhara went to her room down stairs  to have a good night sleep.

The next day she woke up everybody was scrreming Martha “said to dhara you have to do something before we all die” Dhara said” just throw boms at them and then we will all be safe” Martha said  what are we going to eat “ Dara Said I dont know then Martha was moaning. Dhara said” we are going to the land of Devil to start the war so we can take over the land and name it Black Pearl.

When they arrived the war started and it was crazy and the Glowing ship won cause they had lots than the other team. Then they named it Black Pearl. Lots of people were having fun at parties and birthday’s now lots of them lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camp Cooking

Today on the first day of camp my team, The Dream Team, had camp cooking. The girls went with Mrs Jarman and the boys went with Whea Raewyn. The girls were making chocolate chip cookies. I was so excited because I have never made chocolate chip cookies before.  

Now it was time for us to start cooking. First we had to put half of a block of butter into a big plastic bowl. Then we had to put 1 whole cup of sugar and mix it together. Later on we had to crack the egg into the bowl and mix, mix, mix! Then the best part, the chocolate. Then the final touches. It was when you had to make it into a circle then use a fork to squash it down. Then we had to put it in the oven and wait for it. Finally it was already cooked and it was time to leave.

Friday, March 9, 2012


On Tuesday year 5 and up went on a trip to Telstra  clear event centre where lots of school’s go their to meet THE ONE AND ONLY Dr Ben Carson , he is a really famous man because when he was little him and his mum was poor and most people called him dummy until he started reading and his dream was to be a  brain surgery doctor he is from the USA with his wife . When we were getting ready to go in the bus we went to the hall to sought out the people who is not going. Later on it was time to go to meet Dr Ben Carson.

Suddenly when we arrived I was so excited  to meet  Dr Ben Carson. I wondered if he was really old?, before it started I saw loots of school’s arriving inside the Stadium. Telstra  clear event centre is near Rainbow end on the left. When we found our seat I was between Saadiya and Chloe. Later on their was music, the music was the Duffy Song then we sang with it, we had to do the action but I forgot the action after it was finished a man called Henry came up the stage.

Henry was the MC for the day he was funny because he was acting like a girl by his voice  I thought that it was his normal  voice until he started to speak like his normal voice.He was telling us a story about when he was 11 and when Henry and his mum when to shopping every Thursday night. His mum said” Henry go and look for a DVD ” said his mum. when he looked at the shelf where all the DVDs were, so he pick a DVD open the case no DVD in their so he went to the lady and said” Excuse me how come their is no DVD in their” the lady replied” son that’s not a DVD” the lady said” it is a book she said”go and sit down and I will read it to you” the book that he read was Treasure island. Then we were acting like a girl he looked so hilarious.

Before Dr Ben Carson came up the stage we watched a movie when Dr Ben Carson was young or shell I say Ben Carson when he was was a teenager at his school. It was sad because the white boys mocked him and called dummy he was son angry until his mum told him to read then when he was old he became famous.

Then it was time for Dr Ben Carson to come up the stage and every one was cheering while he came up the stage . He was telling us a story about a young girl having sezar it was sad one month past and she said’ to her dad” my nose is inchy” Then he started to saying thank you and all those other staff. Then it was time to go back to school and I saw my auntie Tini with her class. Then we had to go back to school.