Monday, April 15, 2013

My reflection

Recently I haven't been doing my work properly but this Thursday Is our last day of this term. So in Term 2 I can do better in my work and do it properly.

My Highlight for this term would have to be Teach and P.E. The reason why I choose Teach was because we can learn how to Cook,Draw and many more staff. When our class does P.E after morning tea I am always happy to play. My favourite P.E activity is Dough-ball.

In class I like to play music but the thing I don't like is when I get in trouble from my teacher. I also don't like walking to Tamaki and back. I also don't like it when the BOYS think that they are all that and when I am with my friends they tease me and I HATE it.

I am not that organized, I have managed my time to do my work properly, I have done my work but I need to remember to do it properly, I definitely need to do better in my work, I have been doing a great job when I work with others, My goal is to improve in my work, I love to listen to others because I may or not know how to add interesting vocabulary in my writing.

I am looking forward for P.E and Teach next term and my goal is to do well in my work and get high marks in my test.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stormy day.

As I walked along the Beach with my friends I heard a roaring noise from the waves crashing onto the shore. As we stepped on the sand we all saw a Shiny Shell. Then I said lets make a sand castle as I found a bucket lying on the sand I shoved the sand in the bucket as I was putting the sand in the bucket I got nipped by a crab OUCH!. and it started bleeding. As we were making the Sand Castle the clouds became gey creating a big Storm. As I quickly rushed to find some shiny shells. As I rushed I saw 2 or 3 shiny shells, then I ran back to them and we started decorating, After that we finished making our Sand Castle and we were all happy.

As the clouds got darker and darker I said to my Friends” we should go Home now incase our parents get worried.

Day things started to disapear

There is a boy named  Tom who was walking along the Footpath with his best friend Ben around 4.30 Pm on a Wednesday afternoon. As they we walking  they saw this mysterious house with no letterbox. So Ben said to Tom” Hey we should go inside  and check this place out” Ben replied” No you go and I will stay right here. As Tom was walking towards the house there were these Older girls who came past and said to Tom” don't go in there it is haunted then Ben started Screaming as loud as he could. Then the girls laughed and said” there is no such thing as a haunted house”. As Tom got closer he walked up the step and open the door.

As the door open he saw a furniture and he crept into the house and suddenly the door slammed shut and Tom was scared because there is no light and Ben continued walking as he went to fell the furniture so he could rest and when he got closer, and closer the furniture he saw the stair and crawled towards the the stairs.

When Tom was walking up the steps Ben who is waiting outside decided to go back home. Tom heard a squeaking noise but he did not know what it was.  Then he realised that something is going on as he was walking He felt a bed and started lying on it after 5 min of resting suddenly the bed disordered Tom was getting scared so he quickly ran down the steps in the dark and he knew that the furniture was gone so then Tom sprinted as fast a he could and went out of the door and towards the footpath. Then he turned around and the mysterious house was gone and so was Ben. THE END!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Derelict House

Ashlee was walking home after she had netball trials it was a really hot sunny day. When she was walking she saw this horrible house she felt like stopping for a rest so she did. Then when she was walking towards the footpath got up to the grass she saw shattered glass on the deck and some on the grass and steps. She felt scared to open the door because there were spider webs on the door when she open it was so quiet and inside she saw wallpaper coming off the wall and holes on wall and on the floors.

So she watched when she was walking because she may fall into the holes or get her feet stuck. She was walking and she heard the door going to shut so she ran to stop it but it was too late and it got stuck. Rita searched thrown the whole house she went and saw the kitchen it had faded paint and windows are cracked and walls had a big holes on it. When she went throw the laundry room she saw rats going pass and she saw a big group of fly’s and a line of ants going pass so she ran screaming outside to the backyard she saw the bin tip over and birds were in there.