Friday, June 28, 2013

The 3 lazy pigs

Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink the 3 lazy pigs got out of bed and went downstairs to have Porridge with toast, after eating the 3 lazy pigs decided to go for a walk. Suddenly they saw a strange house that they have never saw when they go for a walk knock,knock as they door opened with a squeaky noise there they saw a wolf with it’s wife and children. “Grrrrr as the wolf get angry and starts to walk slowly towards the pigs. The 3 little pigs ran as fast as they could their legs were aching and their lungs are screeching, they ran through the door and slammed  the door.

So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew there house away ahhh the 3 little pigs screamed. So they ran to find a place where the wolf wouldn't find them. Later on that day they arrived to a place called Pigsaville the place of the mud. The wolf saw where they were going so he pretended to be a pig by dressing up as a pig so he can eat the 3 little pigs. As soon as he got there he couldn't see them, the 3 little pigs where at his house trying to kill his children and his wife.

At 3.00pm the wolf arrived to his house and saw no one there because every time when he comes from somewhere or to go and find some food they will always come out and hug him. As he got in the house he saw his family shot and killed. The 3 pigs said to the wolf “ If you blow down or house again or touch us we will kill you too and eat your family. So the wolf ran away but the 3 pigs laughed because his family wasn't dead they pretended to be dead to teach him a lesson to not go and scare little kids like that. Then they lived happily ever after The End.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

Red Hat: I felt very excited because we got to make movies with the theme called Michael Jackson. I was so happy when I heard we had to do Michael Jackson and I love Michael Jackson so much.

Green hat: This week I learnt how to behave in my work and not to get distracted. The other thing was to use my time wisely

Black Hat: The thing I didn’t enjoy was filming when it was raining.

Yellow Hat: I really enjoyed choosing a Michael Jackson song.

Blue Hat: Managing my time so I can finish it off properly.

We are the World By Raeleen and Faa'ao :)

This week Me and Faa’ao created a movie by the theme Michael Jackson. I was so excited because I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. The song we picked was we are the world. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Raeleen and Faa'ao We Are The World. from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Treasure Island.

Robert Louis Stevenson was always called by his second name Louis - pronounced Lewis, and it had originally been spelt on his birth certificate in Edinburgh in 1850. An only child, he was much loved and pampered by his parents. Lewis suffered continually from chest infections, which could be treated today, but in a time before antibiotics left him often confined to bed for long periods.

Despite his ill-health, he was a happy child and grew up to be a man of celebrated charm and great optimism. He came from a family of engineers - his Grandfather and his father both worked for the Board of the Northern Lighthouse. Following in their footsteps, in 1867 he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study civil engineering. He still lived at home ( where he was not allowed his own front door key), but in the vacations he would travel,  and did what he enjoyed most, writing poems, essays and articles about people, places and books. Writing was his secret passion.
After three years he gave up engineering and studied about law instead. When he passed his final exams his proud Father gave him $1000  and this allowed Luis the freedom to tour Belgium and France, where he hoped his still fragile health would improve. His daily canoe trip he took during his travels became his first published book, An Inland voyage (1878). In France, he met and fell in love with an American Woman, Fanny Osbourne. Fanny was ten years older than Lewis. Then a few years later they got married then 3 years later they had 4 kids their names where Anna,Mary,Ezra and Paris. When Robert Louis Stevenson died his family were very sad. He died on 3rd of December 1894.