Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving the Whale

I was struggling when I got tangled in the gill net. My pectoral fins were pinned to my sides. "Ooh no I can't breath properly." Trying to gasp for breath I thought "what can I do".

“What is that droning noise coming closer?” I thought. It sounds like a song but no, a song does not sound like that.” I feel fear.

When that droning noise stopped I lifted my head up and it was a boat. Who is that man diving in is that a man

“Yay I'm free !” I thought. “What should I do to say thank you to the people who saved me. I know what I could do. I could breach that is what most Humpback Whale do.” I swam and jumped out of the water and made a big splash. I wanted to go near them to show them how happy I was now that I was free. To say goodbye I splashed my tail up and down.

Friday, September 2, 2011


On Thursday after morning tea, Rm 14 we went to Badminton we did it inside the hall. When we got there we meet a lady called Lorene she taught us to serve with shuttles. The first step was put your thumb down and put the racket upside down. We had to keep the shuttle air born when you hit it.

Then she told us to choose a partner and I was with Htawara. We were learning new skills. I said to Hta wara, "Keep on hitting the ball".

Our first practice was serving. I was so excited. When we had to serve to the other player they had to hit it back. We counted how many times we hit it. If you dropped it you would have to start all over again. After a moment she shouted,  "Shuttles" that means you have to put your rackets and shuttles down, and sit down.
Then we try to hit the shuttles for 3 times and hit it under your leg. It looked easy but it was not.
After we finished that game we keep on rotating games they were all fun and interesting. My favourite game was when we had to go behind the red line and Lorene  hit the shuttles to the person who was first in line. We had to hit it back to her. If we dropped it we had to put our racket down and we couldn't use it again. It was tricky to aim because we had to hit it behind the red line. That one was my favourite but it was a competition .When we had only one more racket we had to pass it fast before Lorene hits it to us. But we were too late to hit it. Another skill was  you had to carefully aim so you didn't drop it and you had to work as a team.