Monday, September 23, 2013


 As you are evaluating each of these categories think about which elements were the strongest in the movie - (made it the most effective). What were the main things that detracted (made it less effective)


1. Planning/Reflection
How well did you plan your movie? Our plan was alright because all of our animation and filming was not shown. Did you storyboard it well with enough detail to follow it? Our storyboard was good but we just didn’t use it.
Did you reflect throughout the process and make changes to improve it along the way? We tried to make our animations and filming improve but we couldn’t.

2. Message
Think about what the message was/should have been. Our message was about the Blacks and whites to come in equa. What was your purpose? The purpose was to make it better. How did you try and convey it? we tried to strive in our drawing so we just used pics How well do you think you achieved this purpose? I think we did our best even though we didn't do it well

3. Filming techniques
Angles/Shots No filming
Steadiness/Use of tripod No tripod
Sound quality Our sound equality was not good.

4. Acting
Use of expression to convey different emotions NO
Convincing interaction between characters (if there is any) NO

5. Graphics
What is the quality? Not sure Are they detailed? No Do they include detailed backgrounds
Have they been drawn not traced? No

6. Animations
Are the animations realistic/smooth? Are they complex? No
Did you use a variety of viewpoints angles or perspectives to add interest? NO

7. Flow
Do the scenes progress logically? I am not sure Does the movie connect well from one scene to the next? Yes

8.  Key Competencies
How well did your group work together? Not bad Did everyone contribute effectively and do their share? I don’t know Were you able to work through disagreements when they arose or did they become an issue? No
Did you manage your time well? Sorta If not what do you need to do differently next time?Yes i’ll work harder next time.

My movie was alright but now I need to work harder every time I work on a movie because I was not happy of my movie because my voice over was no good and I have to get all my filming and Animations done. I also need to work on my timing to get my movie done.

Next time I work on a movie I have to get nit done and not get distracted. I also need to work on my drawing to make my animations better.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martin Luther King

In the 1960’s America was hard for the blacks to live in because blacks and whites were not equal in many ways. Schools and restaurants and other public places were segregated,This means that blacks and whites always had to be separated. Unfortunately the whites and blacks were not equal. Also the blacks had to give up their seats to whites on the bus. Fifty long years ago Martin Luther King gave his powerful and inspiring speech “ I have a dream”. His dream was to change things so the blacks and whites could come together. He also wanted equality.
MLk was born on jan 15th 1929.He  studied law and then he followed in his father's footsteps of being a minister. He also had a passion standing up for black people’s rights. In his years he spent 11 days in jail for traffic and and taxing offenced.

His dream was to make whites and blacks could go school together and the whites and blacks could get along and were able to sit alongside one another on the bus.

MlK was in a book signing in Harlem when he suddenly got stabbed by a woman called Izola Curry on April 4th 1968.He didn’t die. At 6:01pm on Thursday, April 4, 1968 he got shot by a single bullet and went through his right cheek breaking his jaw and neck and several vertebrae. This resulted in his death.