Monday, March 28, 2011

The Hydroslide at Swimarama

When I was walking up the stairs I heard lots of echoing coming from up stairs . It looked scary because it took a long time to walk up.By the time I got there, the line it was a long line.

Finally it was my turn. I had to wait for the green light to come on. When it came on Mr S gave me a powerful push. I was zooming down the pitch black slide, screaming with excitement in the dark. It looked like I had seen a ghost. I was happy to go down.

On my second turn I had to leave the slide. I felt sad because I only had 2 turns and some kids had more turns than me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

School Picnic

Last week on Friday the whole school came to our school picnic. It was at the Tamaki reserve. By the time we got there we all had to line up. It was the Pt England way. When Mr Burt was finished talking we all had to put our bags away. After that we ate some of our lunch. I ate my cookie.

After that I went to find some crabs. When I found one Hta Wa Ra found 3. Later when we were looking for some more slimy crabs I found a baby crab. It didn't nip. It was cool looking for crabs.

After we finished looking for crabs my friends and I were dancing. They were Tyla, Jorja, Jonita and Kaycee. We were having a dancing competition. It was girls vs boys. The boys were Rocky, Rauf and Prince .When we started dancing Rocky was dancing hard out. When the Thriller came on they were dancing Michael Jackson. They were funny because they were trying to do the moon walk.
After we finished dancing we had a break. My heart was was beeping so fast that I went to play volleyball for a little bit. After I did a spike I left to hang out with Jorja. We were talking about the dance competition whil we ate lunch and I drank my juice that my mum had put in my bag

When the karaoke started me and Jonita went in the line. When it was our turn we were shy. The song was celebration time. We learnt that song from Food Glorious Food.

Then it was time to go back to our class room.When we got there we played games.After that I played last card.It was fun and amazing that we had a school picnic.Finally my dad came to pick me up to go back home.