Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Valerie Adams the best Shot put champion in the world

Did you know who is my favourite athlete for the 2012 London Olympic Games?. It is Valerie adams because she is the defending champion in the world. Not only she is the champion she support New zealand as well.

Valerie is from New Zealand but her coulter is half Tongan and half Samoan she was born 1984 on the 6th of october. Before she Competes she always train her best. Sometimes Valerie had some tough times like when she had to give up her coach and go a diffrent coach.

Valerie Adams compete in the women's Shot put games. When Valerie Adams gets a Silver medal sometimes she is not happy. Everybody in the Olympics come before there events so the they could train. When Valerie adams train she trains 3 or 4 hours.

The reason why Valerie Adams is famous is because she is the defending champion in the women's shot put games. Valerie adams d my favourite because she is an New Zealand and she never gives up.


  1. Hello Raeleen,

    I loved your story about Valerie Adams. Next time I hope you read through your writing and fix some of your mistakes!!! Keep It Up... :)

    #Love Asena#

    1. Yeah Asena next time I will remeber to read it properly thanks for reminding me

    2. Hi Raeleen

      Yes, I like Valerie Adams too, because she is harworking, dedicated and always aims to perform better everytime she gets into the shotput circle. She is also always humble, always thankful for the support she receives, always tries to give back to the public and a very proud New Zealander.

  2. Hi Raeleen,

    This is an awesome story about Valerie! Did you know its Valerie's gold medal ceremony tonight? That is so cool. She received the silver medal at the Olympics but after the gold medalist from Russia was caught for taking drugs, she has to give up her gold medal to Valerie. I'll be watching it tonight 7pm TV1 on Close Up.


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