Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspirations 2014

This morning team 5 gathered up into the street for future aspirations. Future Aspirations is when 3 or 4 different speakers comes and preaches the word about being inspired or having an inspiration. Before we got to meet the speakers we opened it up with a prayer.

Mr Andrew Peterson was the host for the future aspirations. He firstly introduced Anthony Samuels (Levi's Dad) Mr Samuels showed team 5 some pictures of what he did as a actor on what now and a television entertainer. Mr Samuels came across a saying that he just recently learnt to miharo hoki which means you are amazing and he also taught us how to do it in sign language. He also told us some funny stories on what happened when he was a television entertainer.

Our second speaker was Paula Fakalata he is an attitude speaker, an attitude speaker is when a group of people talk to other people about better attitude and better relationships. Paula was extremely funny because he told us a story about what he did when he was attending Glen Innes Primary and a story about him almost dieing about how he tried to cheat in a swimming race.

Our last speaker for the day was Amelia Unufe, Amelia's future was having her own fashion label. Amelia showed us some pictures about what they do in fashion and what they designed. She also told us that she wanted to be like her cousin and graduate. Amelia in primary she was struggling to find the right subject that suits her so when she was year 12 she  decided to be a fashion desginer.

At the end of Future Aspirations we finished it off by saying thank you as behalf of the year 7 & 8's . Lastly we sang Mihi Mai Ra. I was so inspired because they say some inspiring things.

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