Monday, March 28, 2011

The Hydroslide at Swimarama

When I was walking up the stairs I heard lots of echoing coming from up stairs . It looked scary because it took a long time to walk up.By the time I got there, the line it was a long line.

Finally it was my turn. I had to wait for the green light to come on. When it came on Mr S gave me a powerful push. I was zooming down the pitch black slide, screaming with excitement in the dark. It looked like I had seen a ghost. I was happy to go down.

On my second turn I had to leave the slide. I felt sad because I only had 2 turns and some kids had more turns than me.


  1. Hi raeleen this is sisilia I was reading your story and it was really good goodbye.

  2. Wow, this story was scary, fun and sad and I enjoyed reading it very much :o)


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