Monday, March 26, 2012

Piarte Story

Once upon a time there lived  a mean pirate called Dhara in Never Land, in never land  their was a announcement to all the men’s who want to go on the glowing ship. It was mostly men who went on, but their were 2 girls their names where Chloe and Martha they was not scared of anything. Until Dhara tried to scare them bye telling them scary stories to scare Chloe and Martha. When they started Dhara was so angry because they didn't have a compio to find out where are they going there was no compious in  1891. Then Dhara went to her room down stairs  to have a good night sleep.

The next day she woke up everybody was scrreming Martha “said to dhara you have to do something before we all die” Dhara said” just throw boms at them and then we will all be safe” Martha said  what are we going to eat “ Dara Said I dont know then Martha was moaning. Dhara said” we are going to the land of Devil to start the war so we can take over the land and name it Black Pearl.

When they arrived the war started and it was crazy and the Glowing ship won cause they had lots than the other team. Then they named it Black Pearl. Lots of people were having fun at parties and birthday’s now lots of them lived happily ever after.


  1. This is a really cool story Raeleen! Keep up the blogging.

  2. Hey Raeleen,

    I really enjoyed reading your amazing piece of writing.
    I really hope next time I can check your blog and read some more of your fantastic writings.
    KEEP IT UP!!

    Love Asena!


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