Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Backing Truffles

Today the year 7s were making a scrumptious and yummy type of sweet called truffles. I was so happy with a delicious feeling because I really really love truffles like a baby getting it’s first chocolate ever.

First we got split up into four groups so lucky I got in the cooking group. My team mates were Helen, Sapphire, Mya, Serenity and Shanika. Our first ingredients was biscuits so what we had to do first is to put the biscuits in the bag and smash it till you see the crumbs and we all had turns punching it.

Then we got given some marshmallows and chocolate chips for the sweetness, so shanika was the one to chop the chocolate in to pieces and Serenity was dicing up the marshmallows. Then Mrs king came with the cocoa powder and added 2 scoops of it in the container. Last of all we added classic condensed milk. The we mixed all of the ingredients together.

After all the tiring and hard mixing we all waited for the truffle to set. After 5 minutes later it was time to eat the truffle. After one bite I tasted a rich flavour which made me eat more. So at the end of the day I went walking around with my team sharing our wonderful and tasty snack to heaps of people.

plain round biscuits
(Roll with rolling pin)
container or bowl
10 Marshmallows
10 chocolate chip
Classic condensed milk

1) Put the Plain round biscuits in bag, roll with rolling pin or punch it till biscuits fully crushed.
2) Add the crushed biscuits into container or bowl.
3) chop up the 10 chocolate and 10 marshmallows
4) add in to bowl of container
5) add the classic condensed milk and stir in circles.


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