Thursday, June 26, 2014

Raeleen Swimming Recount

On Tuesday the 16th of June class 3 and Mrs Nua attended swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Aquatic Centre . The reason why we took part in swimming lessons was to help us survive in the water and teaching us water safety . It was a huge opportunity because the board payed for it and we were all thankful. It is crucial important to know how to swim because if you are surrounded by water you might have a better chance of survival. Consequently thats why it is really good to know heaps of different techniques for swimming.

Marching down to the Glen Innes pools with my bag assembled with my blue Nike togs and towel all ready to go. I was feeling excited because I love to swim and I would love to learn more swimming capability. As soon as we arrived our teacher gave us a set of instructions, one of them was to have rince off in the boiling hot water and it was like getting baked in the oven as well as getting ready with our togs on and wait for our swimming instructor. While we were waiting for our swimming instructor Jackie, she told us that “we are going to have a test on our swimming abilities so we can get split up into 2 groups”. Group 1 was the confident swimmers and group 2 was the not so confident swimmers. After the whole class had been tested on we got allocated into groups and I was in group 1 which is the confident swimmers

In the time we got given for swimming lessons group 1 learnt freestyle, freestyle is one of key skills you would use if you’re in the  ocean. After 5 or 10 minutes left of learning swimming we assimilated backstroke When I heard the word backstroke I was feeling anxious because I use to struggle with backstroke so I feeling pressured on. After our swimming time finished we leaped out of the pool and quickly got changed so we can make it to school before the last bell rang. As we strolled towards the exit we said” Thank you” to the swimming staff.

When we stepped into school grounds I told my teacher “how long are we doing swimming lessons” and she replied “ this whole week”. When she said this whole week I felt a little bit regretful because I was hoping we would be swimming for 2 weeks, but on the other hand I was excited because I will be a better swimmer.
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