Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving the Whale

I was struggling when I got tangled in the gill net. My pectoral fins were pinned to my sides. "Ooh no I can't breath properly." Trying to gasp for breath I thought "what can I do".

“What is that droning noise coming closer?” I thought. It sounds like a song but no, a song does not sound like that.” I feel fear.

When that droning noise stopped I lifted my head up and it was a boat. Who is that man diving in is that a man

“Yay I'm free !” I thought. “What should I do to say thank you to the people who saved me. I know what I could do. I could breach that is what most Humpback Whale do.” I swam and jumped out of the water and made a big splash. I wanted to go near them to show them how happy I was now that I was free. To say goodbye I splashed my tail up and down.

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