Thursday, December 8, 2011

I like about my netbook


At the beginning of 2011 all of the Seniors had their net books. When I first got my net book I turned on my net book and when I looked at it I saw a web cam and a Internet  and game. When I signed in I was so happy.
What I like about using netbooks is that I get to play my games. My games are cool. I can do lots of things on it like take pictures with my friends. This year it was so cool with my net book. I like it much better that instead of writing it with your hands you can type.

The problems on my net book are when my Internet is not working and when it takes long to load so then I had to restart it then it works again and when it gets re image. The thing  don’t like is when your little brother or sister comes's along to breaks it so that is, why you put it some where safe.

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