Monday, May 14, 2012

Our school topic is called Art Alive and I am going to do a story about a man doing art with spray cans, newspaper and a pan. there we lots of diffrent colours that he used to do his art it was really cool. The painting in the start looked like colours all smashed together they were Red and Yellow but I didn't know what was the rest because he did it fast click this link and it will show you./, then scroll down to spray.

When i first watched it with my friend Chloe I was like this man should be famous because look at his art it was so amazing here is a photo of his finishing art.See look how amazing it is.

My other favourite artist in Samoa is Fatu feuu he dose lots of amazing pattern art disign here is my favorite one is a link you should click on it. So this is a photo of our topic that we are learinng.

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