Monday, May 7, 2012


Guess what we've been up to for 2 whole weeks? can you guess,click this link and it will tell you.glen-innes-pool/programmes!!!!. Now you know where we were been up to, if you still dont know room 16 went to the Glen Innes pools all the year 5&6’s went to the pools for Swimming lesson it was for our year 6 camp at the end of the year.

On the first day of Swimming I was so excited even thought I was not swimming I was’nt the only one there were lots of other kids in my class.Our teacher Mr S told us to grab a pencile and paper to write lines. We had to write (I must remember to bring my togs) 50 times. Now I was’nt happy cause I knew my hands will be sow so I tried to hold it. In Swimming lesson we divide into to 3 groups. Group 1 they need a lots of help swimming, group 2 they need a little help, but group 3 it is when they are really good swimmers so that is cool. When it was time for us to go I said” to Martha I had a really good time.

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  1. Hi Raeleen,
    Yes, swimming is loads of fun. My trick for remembering my togs is to write it on my weekly planner at home and pack it the night before.
    All the best with the rest of your swimming lessons.


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