Friday, July 20, 2012

Go For Gold

       GO FOR GOLD

Today was the first day of school  for term 3 2012. Our theme for this term id Go for Gold. When I first found out that our topic was Go for Gold I said to Martha" Martha are we learning about the Olympics in London. But before we watched the movie that all the teams had done for us. We sang the National Anthem.

Now it's time for team 1, team 1 did a movie about Mrs George interviewing 2 famous olympians their names were Jesse Owen and there was someone else but I don’t know his name was so she started asking questions to them I didn't know what was the question because I wasn't there so I told my friends what had happe

now it’s time for team 2 did a movie and it was all about practice, practice and practice they did a slide show. The photos that were up there Sonny Bill William and these other boxes and the training coaches they were key 1. key 2 was  someone on a bike with a Green alfut. Key 3 was  was this man who was playing Rugby and scored a TRY!!!.

Now it is time for team 3. The teachers that was performing was Mrs Tuala, Ms Walters, Mrs Burne, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Barks. Mrs Tuala was a girl that was running a marathon and she came down the stage with her Water bottle and started squirting us but luckily she didn't squirt me. After Mrs Tuala was Mrs Lavakula she was a boxer then Mrs Barks called MR BARKS WOULD BE ABLE TO HELP US. So then Mr Barks came up with his boxing clubs and started fighting mrs Lavakula but when they finished fighting Mr Barks fell off the stage and Mrs Lavakula WON!!!. Then on the screen it go lights up Mrs Lavakula and Boooooooooo Mr Barks. Then it was Mrs Walters turn she was a gymnast she was acting a girl called Nadia Comaneci she started doing Gymnastics  for the olympics when she was 14 she started practicing when she 7.

Now it's time for team 4. They made a movie and the first person who was talking was
Mr S was a spear fisher, then Mrs Garden was a girl who was learning how to swim. the Funny thing was she practice in the bath. Now it was Mrs KIng turn she didn't show herself but she used dolls. Then it Mrs ouano she was a Princess and she was the best swimmer. Then it was Mr Marks turn he had a hand that was  wooden. Then they did a dance about Synchronized Swimming.

Now it time for team 5 I am sorry that I forgot what happen but I remember how were they talking about he was Jesse Owens he was a sprinter.

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  1. Hi Raeleen, I can't believe you're in year 6 and you're 10! I enjoyed reading your recount about immersion assembly. It sounded like lots of fun, no wonder you couldn't remember what happened by the time team 5 presented.

    Anyway I hope you're working hard at school and thank you for emailing me. I had over 175 emails in my inbox and just found your one! It made me smile and think of you and old Room 11.

    From Ms Mackinlay :)


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