Monday, July 30, 2012

Go Akarana

Lights up Auckland Akaran Falcons- Goodbye Stingrays.

Did you know where I went on Monday night  I went to see my uncle that was playing for the Auckland Akarana falcons  team?. He also plays for  Marist Saints. He likes to bump of people and score a try.

Yesterday on Monday night at 7pm I went Mount Smart Stadium to watch the Akarana vs Stingrays. The team the I go for is Akarana because my uncle plays for that team his name is Lii it is an Samoan name. Akarana is the Auckland team and Lii is number 11 for his team.

When it started one of the prop from Stingrays  scored a try. When he scored it said to my brother Cyrus” man that prop is fast at running”. After they got the kick over the score was 6 to 0 Akarana got 0 and Stingrays got 6. After ten minutes we scored a try and got the kick over so the score was 6 all. When there was ten minutes left I heard my Uncle say “ Booo you guys stink” and I said” you guys are scared of my uncle so don’t beat it”.

When the first half finished I called out to Lii but he couldn't hear me. Luckily the music came on and I was singing with my uncle and my brother. When the music finished the

Then second half  started and I was shouting my loudest “you guys are scared of my uncle”. After I said that they scored a try and I was so happy. But when the stingrays got the ball they went to the left side were our defence were useless so then my Grandpa said” STOP KILLING YOURSELF” . Then the score was 6 , 12 to the sting rays. Then we scored another try so the score was 12 all and then we got the kick over  12 to 14 to Akarana team. Then the Stingrays


  1. Hi Leen,

    What a great little holiday there you wrote about. Did you have fun? Was the food nice? One thing to say is to keep editing your writing to see if it makes sense!! Anway "Keep Go(ing) For Gold!"\

    God Bless you and the whanau!

  2. Hi Leen

    Breakfast - Mini Golf - Lunch = packed day out with your uncle Logo, Sele & brothers...lucky girl.


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