Friday, July 20, 2012

Ice Age 4 Continental draft.

In the Holidays at Sunday evening I went to the movies with my Auntie Lama with her Husband Afa with two Brothers and my Uncles nieces and Nephew they were RIna & Niah. We went to the movies at Manukau we went to watch Ice age 4 continental drift. But before we went inside the movies we went to have a feed at McDonalds..

When we got inside McDonalds my Auntie Lama told us to go and play at the playground so my brothers went and I just sat down watching them. Suddenly Niah cried so then I took him outside to my auntie. After that my Aunt called us all in and she got us Chicken mac cheese and her and Afa got Big Mac. Then she gave us our cups to fill and I got a raspberry.. After we finished eating we were on our way to enter the movies.

When we got inside lama told us to go to the time out. When I went for a look i saw this game and you could win a Ipad 4. it was only $1 to play. After 2 0r 3 min we got our tickets and we went up stairs and it was packed so then we saw the poster of the amazing Spider man and we took a photo. Finally this Lady started to rip our tickets and said” you guys are late to watch the movie:” when we got inside it was full, well not quite full but we got our seat in the front.

Then they said” put on your 3d Glasses when I put it on it looked cool. Then the movie started. The movie started off when Manny the mammoth who was trying to find his daughter peaches. The reason why they name her peaches is because when Elly was pregnant she always say to many PEACHES,.
When Many was looking for peaches he saw her with her friend I forgot what was his name.

About 1 0r 3 hours later the movie was finished and we went back home. The ending was so amazing and it's when they all found a new home.

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  1. Hahahaha this story is too funny! I can tell you thoroughly enjoyed your movie night out. Lucky girl :)


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