Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Treasure Island.

Robert Louis Stevenson was always called by his second name Louis - pronounced Lewis, and it had originally been spelt on his birth certificate in Edinburgh in 1850. An only child, he was much loved and pampered by his parents. Lewis suffered continually from chest infections, which could be treated today, but in a time before antibiotics left him often confined to bed for long periods.

Despite his ill-health, he was a happy child and grew up to be a man of celebrated charm and great optimism. He came from a family of engineers - his Grandfather and his father both worked for the Board of the Northern Lighthouse. Following in their footsteps, in 1867 he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study civil engineering. He still lived at home ( where he was not allowed his own front door key), but in the vacations he would travel,  and did what he enjoyed most, writing poems, essays and articles about people, places and books. Writing was his secret passion.
After three years he gave up engineering and studied about law instead. When he passed his final exams his proud Father gave him $1000  and this allowed Luis the freedom to tour Belgium and France, where he hoped his still fragile health would improve. His daily canoe trip he took during his travels became his first published book, An Inland voyage (1878). In France, he met and fell in love with an American Woman, Fanny Osbourne. Fanny was ten years older than Lewis. Then a few years later they got married then 3 years later they had 4 kids their names where Anna,Mary,Ezra and Paris. When Robert Louis Stevenson died his family were very sad. He died on 3rd of December 1894.    

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  1. Thank you very much Raeleen, I now know awhole lot more about Robert Louis Stevenson than before reading your post. Well written Leen, your story telling is getting much much better with practice - Well done :-) I like this post a lot!!


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