Monday, December 16, 2013

Year's Reflection

This Year I’ve had some bad times earlier on the year but now I have thrown away my Bad luck out of me. I have got to say 2013 is one of the best year in school.Not only it was the best year I’ve had I also learnt new things from my teacher.

Math and writing are my FAVOURITE subjects. At the beginning of the year I concentrated on my reading first then after approving reading I decided also to be better at my Math and writing.

My Highlight this year is going to tech because we do all sorts of stuff there like cooking, graphics and Hard Material. And my favourite one is all of them because they are fun.

Next year I am going to be a year 8 and it is going to be my last year at pt England School and last year of spending time with my friends.,I have had a amazing time at Pt England School and I don’t want to leave Pt England School.

P.E.S for Life.

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