Friday, December 13, 2013

My 2013 Reflection

Having a netbook this year has been really helpful when it comes to my learning. After getting a netbook I have been improving lately in my work during the year. I am most proud of the work that I was struggling with before and now I know it and getting better at it..

My Highlight this year would have to be creative strand because I have been creating my own art work and own movies to share on vimeo. I really enjoyed working with my friends and it is really fun. Having our netbook is helpful to me because when I am making a movie I search up the lyrics for the song and art patterns.

When I connect to the internet my goal is to not do other stuff that I am not supposed to do. My Favourite subjects is Math and Writing, when I do my writing I use a website called Google Docs I can also create my own presentation and own form. When it is Maths time I get really excited because I really enjoy math and I use Xtramath and Math Whizz. Those two math sites had helped me since I was year 5 and I’m still loving it.

What I have learnt online is technical skills, Learning how to play Guitar and Piano of youtube. Everytime I play Guiter or piano I get this nice musical note and I have been playing Piano since I was 6. I also love listening to music while doing my work so it can keep me on track.

I have learnt this year to behave more better and quite chatting cause now I know how big you can get into trouble. I have learnt a faster way of time tables and divide a bye. I also learnt how to make movies. When it comes to free time I try to get all my work finished before I play games.

What I have learnt from my teacher is to improve in my Reading, Writing and Math. I have also learnt how to share my work to other people. I have also learnt how to use my cyber smart when I do my homework online.

I think having a Netbook is cool and fun because I can do anything online. When I go College I’ll always remember how having a netbook was truly amazing.

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