Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Flood

The Flood
How do the images and the text support each other?
That it is a true story.
What does it mean when it says ‘Rain was pelting on the roof’?
It means that rain was coming down fast and powerfully.
Why do you think Ama’s mother said she should hang on to her?
So they don’t lose each other
For what reason do we think Ama grabbed her blanket?
Because she loved her blanket and didn’t want to leave it.
How old do we think Ama might be?
5 years old
How would you feel if you were Ama from being at home relaxing on the couch to being rushed away while a disaster is occurring?
I would be sad because all of my stuff in the house was badly ruined, and I was relaxing.
Why did Ama and her mother cling to each other?
So when more water comes towards them they won’t go into diffrent directions.
What had the road turned into? If you were in this situation what would you do?
The road turned into a cold
Who picked Ama up?  If you were Ama and a stranger picked up, how would you react in such an emergency?
A man from over the road.
I would quickly react my hand towards the stranger.
Why would they being going to her grand parents house? Where is their house located?
So the Flood won’t reach up to their house.
Up the hill.
Summarise what has happened in the story so far.
Ama and Lucky was sleeping on the couch and mum was in the kitchen with Poppy the dog, Mum yelled quick, Ama there's a flood, we have to get out of the house, hold on to me. Ama got up and water came up to her knees. She grabbed her cuddly Blanket and the cat and hung on her Mother. When they got outside they clung on each other and tried to walk on the road but the road was cold, muddy river. She couldn’t hold onto her mum any longer, Suddenly she started drowning. When she was drowning a man from over the road said “ Your mum is right behind you and she’s got the dog. I’ll carry you up to you Grandmother’s thats up the hill and you’ll be safe their. When they got there Ama’s mum said” You stay here, I’ll go outside and look for Lucky. No don’t go ama said. “You have to stay here and look after Poppy”said mum.  And off she went again into the dark, wet night. Ama had a hot bath and some sweet tea and milk. She put on some clothes and they were way too  big for her.  When mum got back Lucky ran inside, hid back in the corner under a shelf, and wouldn’t come out. Then mum tried to ring dad on his cellphone. He and Ama’s sister Annie were stuck in Wellington and couldn’t drive back. Then Mum to Dad on his cellphone “that the house is flooded up to a meter high, but the Animals are okay and we’re alright”.  It was past Midnight when Mum and Ama and the dog finally all huddled together in bed and fell asleep. The next morning they listened to the Radio. A drain on the hill road became blocked , and the water pressure forced tonnes of rubble and mud down the hillside. Over a hundred millimeters of rain fell in Twenty Minutes. A State 0f civil emergency had been declared. State Highway 1 remain closed to everyone except Paekakariki residents who could not get home last night. That means Dad was allowed through. When they got their Ama was looking for her cuddly Blanket but it took a long time for them to find it. But they couldn’t find her cuddly Blanket.
Why do you think Ama did not want her mother to leave her?
So her mum could not get hurt.
Why did Ama’s mother go off into the dark night while it was raining
To go and find Lucky the Cat.

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