Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going to Skateland. True Crew

When I put my rollerblades on I felt excited. I said to Chante ”Can you help me please?"
Before I went in the rink I was moving unsteadily. I asked Chloe "Can you help me before I crash?"

When the chicken game started I said to Ms Garden” Can I have a break because my knee hurts." As soon the limbo game started I went to play limbo it was hard. On the first 2 rounds I fell down as I went to skate around the rink.


  1. Hi Leen, keep up the hard work ... you might need to check your last story, but otherwise great stuff ... Keep the blogs coming.

    Lii Raecydan

  2. Hi Leen,
    Rollerblading sounds like lots of fun! I want to go rollerblading now :)


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