Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting our Netbooks

When we 1st got our netbook all of us were excited.Mrs Burt told us that we had to sign a paper. We all had to write our names in it. After, when Mr Burt finished talking, we guessed to open our net book it was really cool that we open our net book.When I turned my one one it was dead than I put my hand up and miss Burt came and she said yes than I said my net book is not working.Next I went to charge it after it was charge I went back on my best and I put in my use name and password when I finished it I started to play games.It was cool cause there were tux math and tux typing.Then we went on our class blog and I took a photo of me and Chloe.


  1. That is really exciting Raeleen! You must be looking forward to taking your net book home in term 2 :-)

  2. hi raeleen
    your friend chloe loves to eat kfc.


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