Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Guess were room 14 and room 16 went? We went to the GI pools by walking down Elstree Ave. When it was time to get changed into our togs the class felt excited. But I didn't have togs and Jonita didn't have togs either. So Ms Squires told us to hold some of the flatter boards.When we were walking some of the girls were singing.By the time I got there I felt warm and I had to sit down.
When group one started Dante kicked off the wall with a powerful kick and when she was in the middle she was gasping for breath and her face was going up and down. Then I turned around to group 2. Mrs Squires group were using the flatter boards.
After that Mrs Squires told me to get the flatter boards.When I gave it to my friends we were doing our hand shake then I went back to sit down . Then Mr S said’’can you please sit here and stay here. I still stayed seated. After a while I was hot so I asked Mrs squires if Haley and I xould go outside. When we went outside we were singing Price tag and just like a tattoo. When we did our hand shake we were laughing.After that we sang baby and Haley and I did the rap together.
We felt cold so we came back inside. Rm 15 just came so then we went back to class.

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