Monday, May 9, 2011


In the Holiday I went to fono Samoa on Thursday at the PIC in Otara. When I got there all the Primary school kids were getting ready to go to the marae in Otara. Before we got there we went to the shops to by some drinks and I got a Picnic Bar I went with my auntie Tini and Leni they brought a V drink. By the time I got to the marae we had to wait outside for 15 min before we went inside the whare nui for a powhiri or welcome. First we had to take off our shoes .

When we went inside I got hot straight away and I was thirsty.The 1st song they sang was a Maori song I did not understand what were they saying and singing. We had to stand up when they were singing.After they finished singing we started to go in our groups. I was in the primary and intermediate group. Our captains were Mark, Eric, Esther and Chris.
Later on I saw cops in our room they were telling us a story about a gangster. The 1st man to tell us a story was Ray. He said “When I was little my uncle was a leader of a gang. I wanted to be a gangster too and I hated the cops. But when I grew up I wanted to be a cop” He works at the police station in Otara.

Later on we watched a clip. It was of when Ray was on 60 Minutes. When it started it was loud and this little baby boy was crying.When they were talking about him they said that Ray and his brother loved playing sports until their uncle said to them, ’Guys do you want to be a gangster?” Then Ray said yes. Do I have to tell mum and dad. His uncle said said ’ “No keep it a secret.”

When it was finished we played some games. One game was heads and tale. When the person with the coin guessed what the flick of the coin 1st we had to put our hands on our back and back means the tale.When Mark flicked the coin it was heads and I did tales I was out.

We had lots of yummy food. For lunch and morning tea we had fruit and rolls. I had a apple and a chicken roll and for lunch I had a chicken soup and a sandwich it was yummy.
At the end of the day I went outside and the collage people had a dance. Their song was Price Tag. At the end of their dance they were going hard out. I had a great a great day.


  1. wow raeleen
    thats a very great story

  2. Hi Raeleen,
    This is a very interesting story I enjoyed reading. Keep it up :)


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