Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For our warm up on Thursday both of the year 5 teams had their Netball game, but first we got changed into our netball uniform. When we finished we played master and I was playing with Tyla, Chloe and Ashlee then we went to the netball court.
I went with Anamei and Tammai, we went with Mrs King and her daughter. As soon as we got to the netball courts we did some stretches. The Junior ferns were the team that we were going to vs then the ref flicked the coin and we were heads and they were tales. First we went into our positions, I was GD and the person that I was defending was a good shooter. She got the first goal out of her team.
In our second game I was WD and I was defending the girl that used to be center, she was good. Tammai got a goal then the game was finished. We went up to their team and shook their hands.The coach said to me ‘’ good defence” then I went to the girls toilet and got changed. I went back to April and Quziyahs Nana who gave me a lolly then I said “thank you” and I went back home.

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  1. Hi Reaeleen how are you. Well I just comment on your blog because your my friend and you have an interesting story about my favorite sport. I love maria she is my favorite player in silver fearns. Love from Aldora


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