Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scary story

When I was in the forest I was alone no one else was there.
I was shivering and shaking, I was like a statue, I saw some thing go past. Suddenly I ran back to the house as fast as I could then I gasped for breath so hard.
As soon as I got to the house I felt worried and petrified because I was thinking that my Mum and Dad were the ones who scared me. When I went into their room they were asleep.
So then I went to see my brother to see if he was a asleep. I went outside to see if it noise was still there.
I wonder if it is a trick or a ghost.
By the time I heard the scary voice I was so scared, really scared.
My hands were sweaty and then my Mum came outside and I said “Mum have you seen something scary?”
I was screaming hard out then I said to my Mum “go to sleep” so she went to sleep.
When I went to sleep I had a nightmare, a bad nightmare.
So then I went out of my room again because I heard the same scary voice

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