Friday, May 16, 2014

Raeleen Bats that see with their ears : Reading Follow Up.

  1. What kind of sound does a bat use for echolocation? Bats use echolocation for finding food, avoiding obstacles that comes in their way when they are flying in the dark and it even lets them communicate with other bats and echolocation is like echoes in a large, empty room or at the edge of the canyon.
  2. What kind of echo does a bat hear from an object moving away from it? They hear diffrent sounds that one that is still and is either softer or louder. The sound is louder if the object is coming closer and if the sound is softer the object is going away.
  3. What would you miss if you suddenly switched from seeing with your eyes to echolocation? Why? I would miss everything but echolocation is slightly because you can see properly in the dark and if someone is tippy toeing away from me I would know but it is also confusing.
  4. What is the main idea of this reading passage? Write a brief summary in 2 - 3 sentences.
The story is about bats and how they communicate with other bats using echolocation and how they know when a moving object is near by. The main passage of the story is how bats hear other stuff coming from far away and it is also about Ultrasound and Echolocation.
  1. What might cause echolocation to work differently for whales than it does for bats?
That whales are not active at night, and they don't see with ears to see they use their sense to find food.
  1. What does it mean when is says Bats are among a ‘select group of animals’
That bats are also blind like those animals because they all use the senses to find food and stuff.
  1. What is ‘ultrasound’?
A special noise, to do what other animals do with their eyes.

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