Thursday, April 3, 2014

Raeleen Information Report about a Tiger : Writing

Tigers is one of the most strongest hunting animal that ever lived. Tigers are cold blooded which means that they are mammals. Tigers, Lions and cheetahs are apart of the cat family because they have fur and whiskers. In south africa their a more than 1 million Tigers living their. When is comes to hunting an animal no Tiger goes alone, they always go in a pack to attack. Did you know some Tigers are extinct in the wilds or around the world. The Tigers that are extrinsic are Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger and South Chinese Tiger. Tigers are my favourite Mammals even though I am scared of them and I really love it when they ROOOOAAARRRR!!!

The teeth of the Tiger is super duser sharp sometimes it is really useful for chewing the meat of the bones, they also have a big and long tooth called fans, they use it for stabbing it into an animal's skin so it can drop onto the group.  The Claws of the Tiger is really good because when a Tiger gets attack by another animal it can use its claws to scratch or to dig its claws to the group for proper balance, and the claws helps the tiger to not slip when it is running in the rain. The Tail of the Tiger is kinda long, some scientist say” A Tigers tail can be the same as a 1 year old baby”.

When a baby Cub is born the Female Tiger and the Male Tiger takes it to a safe location for protections because Eagles or Jackals might come and eat the baby Cub. When a baby cub is one it is time for them to learn how to hunt. But the one thing they have to learn before hunting a big animal with its pack they have to learn how to kill a squirrel or a bird. A Cub is really adorable when it is little but when it grows up to be a Tiger it is vicious.

Most of the Tigers live in Asia, Russia, South Africa and China. Usually some Tigers lives in areas where there are tall trees, bushes to hide in and dead long grass so they can’t be spotted. The oldest of the Tigers are mostly the Leaders because the oldest knows more and knows the right time to kill. But when the Tigers leaves its territory it is a really sad time for their mothers and wives, but even though it is a sad moment it was what they have to do so they can keep their families protected from any dangerous animals.

Tigers are scary and well known around the world because it always comes on Animal Planet and others. Did you know a female Tiger is really strong?. According to my researches it says” A female Tiger can hunt a big Buffalo with 2 other Female Tigers”. I really LOVE!! Tigers because when I was little I use to have heaps of Tiger teddy bears.  


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