Monday, June 11, 2012


On Tuesday night when my Netball team had our netball game the Mystics were there, there were only 3 of them Maria Tutaia. When we were getting ready to go to the Netball courts we were at school training. While we were training our coach Neddy which is Ashlee’s mum and Safron who is our Captain Tyla’s mum. While they were looking for a ride me and Chloe were crazy we were playing Tiggy under the chairs then ashlee wanted to play with us.

When Neddy called us we were practing our pases then Gloria grabed the rugby ball and then we started to do pases. Tyla made this game up when you have to caught the ball with one hand. It was a little bit hard cause I mainly catch the ball with 2 hands. Then Safrom came and gave us biscuits and a banana we were all hungry so then we put the banana in the biscuit and we just ate and ate and ate until we were full.

When we found our ride we had 3 cars one with Quziyah Na na, Tyla’s mum and Neddy’s car with Ashlee dad I went with Neddy with Gloria and Johnamoar Tyla’s little brother.

When we arrived at the netball courts we found out that we were challenging Revelation my old club. Then I remember my old coach she was so mean so that is why I quit cause I was always doing the jobs even like water girl I hardly didn't do anything near playing.

When it was time to play our first quarter was bad and our 2nd quarter was really good and our 3rd quarter was really, really good but we lost. I felt happy when we tried our best. Then we all had to go back home.

Here is a photo of our team.


  1. Wow you met the Mystics! I really like Maria too. Your netball team look very happy in the photo. Even though you lost you game Leen it's good to hear you and the girls played your best. All the best with the rest of your games.

    1. Thanks Lama for replying for my netball comment and I hope you read some more of my comments and have a wonderful day.
      God bless


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