Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The thing I like about my Teacher....

The thing I like about Mr S I when he gives us free time and he is so funny because he acts like a girl.When he gives us free time we have half an hour and some times 10 min. Sometimes he gets a little bit grumpy.

Everyday Mr S gives us green cards not when we have a reliva green cards is like special to come of the kids because they think it is all about racing. But at the end of term we get money it is not real money.I really like Mr S.

When I come in Morning he is always in his office and I sometimes say goodmorning to him and he says morning. Most of the kids say to me is Mr S a girl and I laugh then I said he is just acting like a girl.

Mr S is the bomb because he is always playing music on his precious macbook. Sometimes he gives lots of Green cards.


  1. Mr S sounds like a really cool and funny teacher Raeleen. He looks a little bit like that presenter from one of the kids programmes - Sticky TV (I think) he he. Be good to Mr S so you can get some green cards and it's always nice to say goodmorning to people. Keep it up Raeleen!


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