Monday, July 8, 2013

Raeleen and Sisilia Little Red Riding Hood Problem

They had the same name
She had a mobile
Both Girls
Riding hood zoo
Both had red velvet

One particular day

Her Grandmother was eaten

She was sweating

Wood Hunter wasn't there

Little Red had a fiery Temper and she wouldn't do the things that her parents told her to do. So they had to bribe her with treats so she would do the smallest things. On particular day her mother told her to go and visit her grandmother who lived a couple of kilometres away in a suburb called riding hood. Riding hood was on  the other side of the Pine plantation and the quickest route was through the pines.After complaining for half an hour,little red took the cheesecake from her mother and set off through the plantation.She was nearly there when a wolf in the pines before, she thought that is must of escaped from the zoo.So she called the zoo on her mobile and was informed that the wolf indeed escaped. After talking about the wolf they asked her if she can keep an eye on the fugitive until someone came out to collect it. Then she will earn a reward from the zoo keepers. But the zoo keepers said make sure that the wolf was okay before handing it over. The wolf ate the Grandma.

Wolf? The Wolf was scary and fluffy and soon as soon as Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf she called the Zoo Keepers on her mobile. But the zoo keepers said” If you are saw  going to sell the wolf take good care of it. When Little Red Riding Hood saw her Nana she was so happy and but do you know who who is Nana? Yes it is the wolf. Then she screamed “AHHHH” Then she grabbed a bat and started smacking the wolf with it. Where is my real nana then the wolf pointed to his stomach. Then she called to zoo keepers to come and kill it.

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  1. Good girl Raeleen, you have summed up the Problem and the Resolution. Maybe you could write your own version now.
    Mrs Nua


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